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Brine Deft HEADStrong Gloves - Large

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If you want great protection and flexibility with a super clean look, then you'll want to get this edition of the Brine Deft Gloves. These Deft gloves have a premium balance between HotZone protection and flexibility, with multiple breaks along the fingers and thumb with great security and flexibility to help make big plays. The embroidery with a clean, two-zone color style allows the Deft to have an old school look and feel. The Deft HEADStrong gloves give segmented fingers, thumb, and a backhand with an easy range of motion without sacrificing protection.

The Brine Deft is available is in a limited edition neon green and royal colorway in honor of the HEADStrong Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to ending blood cancer through whatever means possible. A portion of all sales of HEADStrong products go directly to the HEADStrong Foundation.



  • Stylistic and clean look for the super skilled player
  • Premium balance between protection and flexibility
  • Segmented fingers, thumb, and backhand give a great range of motion without sacrificing protection
  • All sales go directly to the HEADStrong Foundation

Level of Play All Levels
Flared Sidewall (Warrior Only) No
Head Plane Normal
Head Width Normal
Stiffness Flexible
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale, 6 Month Manufacturer Warranty
Special Price No

When sizing your lacrosse glove; measure the distance from your wrist, or where your elbow pads end, to the tip of your index finger. The following chart will provide an aproximate size.



6-9" 4-7 under 42" Under 50  
10" 8-10 44-50" 50-70  
12" 11-12 50-54" 80-110  
12-13" 13-15 55-64" 120-150  
13"-14" 16 66+" 160+