Brine Phantom Glove

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Every legend has to start somewhere. Why not start here? Why not start now? Why not start with the Brine Phantom Gloves? These gloves have enhanced protection, superior control, and rugged durability that enable it to be the perfect glove for the young player developing their skills. The glove has dual-density foam that allows for protection around the pad, allowing for great protection in the long haul. The glove's textured Nash palm material gives you greater stick feel and lessens the barrier between the stick and you.



  • Mid-level glove built for the player still developing their lacrosse skills
  • Greater protection that allows for staying safe in the toughest of conditons
  • Super cool style by Brine

Level of Play Intermediate
Flexibility Flexible
Outer Material N/A
Palm Material Textured Nash Palm
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days Through Manufacture
Special Price No

When sizing your lacrosse glove; measure the distance from your wrist, or where your elbow pads end, to the tip of your index finger. The following chart will provide an aproximate size.



6-9" 4-7 under 42" Under 50  
10" 8-10 44-50" 50-70  
12" 11-12 50-54" 80-110  
12-13" 13-15 55-64" 120-150  
13"-14" 16 66+" 160+