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ECD Semi-Hard BLACK Mesh 15MM Mesh - White

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East Coast Dyes

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With this semi-hard lacrosse mesh, you'll be able to rise to the top of your potential. These lacrosse mesh is waterproof, has elite break in, incredible consistency, and great hold.



  • High performance wax mesh
  • Waterproof - never worry about bag out
  • Fast Break In - minimal break in time
  • Consistency - on target shots every time

Special Price No
Level of Play All Levels
Brand East Coast Dyes Lacrosse Gear
History During his senior year of college in early 2011, Greg Kenneally turn his passion for lacrosse head stringing into a full-time business: East Coast Dyes. Unsatisfied with the current mesh on the market, Greg began research and development on his own formulas. After months of iteration and refinement, Greg perfected the East Coast Mesh. Soon after, his twin brother Mike joined the growing business to help East Coast Dyes spread to countless retailers across the US. Located just outside Baltimore, East Coast Dyes continues to innovate for their loyal fan base.