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Epoch Dragonfly C60 iQ8 Gen 6 Lacrosse Shaft - Defense

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The Epoch C60 Dragonfly iQ8 is the most advanced defensive lacrosse shaft in the game. It's boundary pushing technologies allow this shaft to take incredible abuse.

The Epoch C60 Dragonfly iQ8 is the most advanced defensive pole in the game. his shaft has a lightweight design, incredible durability, and flex capabilities. This stick can take extreme abuse to the Axis Technology. This creates a one-of-a-kind defensive stick in and out of the slash zone.


Dragonfly Generation 6:

Epoch pushed the boundaries of what is possible with this version of a lacrosse shaft. They released the Torque Box, a cutting edge technology only found in the Dragonfly.


Torque Box

The Torque Box technology was developed to generate maximum energy transfer to the head during a lacrosse shaft. This prevents loss of energy, allowing you to have maximum return on your shots and little to no loss of power from the shaft to the head. That means your powerful shots will become even more powerful.


Reload Technology

Reload Technology reduces the overall strain to the shaft from continuous shooting. Overtime, the shaft may lose its power. The Reload Technology will allow the shaft to not compromise its shape at any time, which means this shaft will be as powerful as the day when you got it


Advanced Carbon Layering:

The weight on the ends of the shaft are balanced by evenly distributing the weight throughout the shaft, allowing for a more even shot or pass.



  • Next level technology in a lacrosse shaft, allowing you to pass and shoot with incredible accuracy and uncompromising power
  • Lightweight composite and carbon fiber material allows this to be one of the lightest shafts ever made
  • Created with several different upper-tier technologies guaranteed to change the way you play
  • Super strong defensive stick guaranteed to change the way you play defense
  • 60" Length

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