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TK Trilium 2 Plus Field Hockey Stick (2016)

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The TK Trilium 2 Plus Field Hockey Stick is a field hockey stick that gives unique Control Wing Technology in the playing surface to create a lighter pick up and scoop design that gives maximum ball control and enhance your aerial skills with incredible power. The evenly balanced 25mm late bow gives great multi-directional dribbling and drag flicking. The fiberglass content in the stick allows the stick to be more forgiving to the touch so that the ball won't rebound too far away from your stick when you're trapping it. Reactive Liquid Polymers are added to the stick so you'll have improved durablity. The TK Trilium 2 Plus is an elite stick at a great price.



  • Evenly balanced bow for great ball control and multi-directional dribbling
  • Perfectly balanced scoop design for better ball control and great aerial skills with amazing power
  • 3mm Control Wing Technology Groove in the playing surface gives a lighter pick up
  • Bow design gives powerful drag flicks and aerial passes to provide better ball control
  • Reactive Liquid Polymers are added to the stick's fiber matrix for incredible durability
  • 25 mm, Late Bow
  • Weight: 550g
  • Composition: 40% Carbon, 50% Fiberglass, and 10% Aramid
  • Lengths: 35.5", 36.5", and 37.5"

Level of Play Expert
Field Hockey Material 40% Carbon, 50% Fiberglass, 10% Aramid
Length 35.5", 36.5", 37.5"
Special Price No