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TK Synergy 4 Field Hockey Stick (2016)

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The TK Synergy 4 Field Hockey Stick gives you incredible ball control and super-powerful drag flicking performance. TK's exclusive technology gives rigidity and durability to the stick. The Reactive Liquid Polymers of the stick give it extra durability during those super-hard shots. The stick gives you a super lightweight and balanced feel, great for drag flicking and ultimate ball control. This makes the TK Synergy 4 an incredible stick for elite field hockey players.



  • Elite level stick for advanced field hockey players
  • Super-powerful drag flicking performance
  • Bow design gives great ball control
  • Carbon Straight Bar Reinforcement Technology gives you a hyper rigid and incredibly durable stick
  • Late bow, 25mm
  • Weight: 550g
  • Composition: 50% Carbon, 40% Fiberglass, and 10% Aramid
  • Lengths: 35.5", 36.5", and 37.5"

Level of Play Expert
Field Hockey Material 50% Carbon, 40% Fiberglass, 10% Aramid
Length 35.5", 36.5", 37.5"
Color BLUE
Special Price No