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Women's and Girl's Lacrosse Shafts

Lacrosse shafts or lacrosse sticks come in different lengths depending what position you play. In Men's Lacrosse, attack and midfielder shafts measure 40-42", goalie shafts 42-72" and defensive shafts measure 52-72" in length. In Women's Lacrosse, attack and midfielder shafts measure 35.5-43.5" and goalie shafts 35.5-22". In Youth Lacrosse, attack and midfielder shafts measure 36-42", goalie shafts 36-42" and defensive shafts measure 37-42" in length. 

Today the Lacrosse stick is made in two parts: the head where nylon strings form the net, and the shaft. Heads are molded from advanced plastics that ‘give’ slightly when they hit the ground, reducing the shock player’s feel and making it easier to scoop up the ball.

The head is fitted to a hollow metal shaft. Aluminum is most often used, although you'll find titanium or scandium in premium sticks. These materials are exceptionally light and strong, so they’re long-lasting and easy to run with. An octagonal cross-section makes the shaft easier to grip.


Please visit our blog post "Ever Wonder How Lacrosse Sticks are Made?  Here's a Look!" to gain some great insight on shafts / sticks.

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