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Feat Socks New York Socks

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Feat have been making socks for a while. From years of trial and error, they've worked out what the best materials and processes are for making a great pair of designer socks. The result? The unique and flashy Feat Socks. Get your hands on these amazing socks and show off your style on the lacrosse field. The Feat Socks are created with a cotton/polyester blend for great stretch along with superior comfort. These Feat Socks are one of a kind designer lacrosse socks, meaning that you'll easily stand out on the field. Don't be surprised if these socks become your favorite pair of lacrosse after wearing them to practices and games. The best part is - these aren't just lacrosse socks. These are one-of-a-kind designer socks that can be worn off the field as well. Get your hands on a pair of Feat Socks today and see why they're such a beloved company.



  • Created in the USA
  • Cotton/Polyester blend for comfort and stretch
  • Unique Feat design

Level of Play All Levels
Color GRAY
Special Price No