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Lacrosse Stick Stringing Guide

With so many different pocket options it is easy to understand why some people can’t decide how to string up their lacrosse stick. Below is a quick discussion and description about the string options offered for lacrosse sticks bought online at From dependability in bad weather to style of play, each string style is briefly evaluated to help customers become just a little more confident in their lacrosse stick and choice of pocket.

Soft Mesh

Soft Mesh is the most instantly gratifying string option available for lacrosse sticks. As soon as the lacrosse head is strung up with Soft Mesh, the player will be able to tell what kind of hold, accuracy, and consistency the lacrosse stick will have forever. Soft Mesh is a fair weather fan, but much the same of any mesh string option, the lacrosse head is merely a couple pull strings away from adapting to any condition.

Hard Mesh

Hard Mesh is the most common stringing option used in lacrosse sticks at any level. Lacrosse sticks strung with Hard Mesh are easy to use, adapt to, and adjust. Granted, Hard Mesh takes some time to break in; this stringing option is a sure thing for molding player specific pockets that will self-sustain with the weather.

6 Diamond Mesh

6 Diamond Mesh is the perfect choice for any player who wants their lacrosse stick to shoot hard without compromising hold and control. A lacrosse stick strung with 6 Diamond Mesh is a great choice to ensure consistency and durability in any climate.


The Traditional string option gives any lacrosse stick a classic feel. This stringing option uses four leathers linked together with nylon. A lacrosse stick strung up with the Traditional stringing option can be counted on rain or shine to throw the same every time.

Link Pocket

The Link Pocket handles and throws much the same as a lacrosse stick strung using Soft Mesh. The nylons link throughout the entire lacrosse head allowing for easy maintenance and adjustments to be made to your lacrosse stick.

12 Diamond Mesh (Goalie Head Only)

12 Diamond Mesh is a goalie lacrosse sticks’ best friend. Similarly to the 6 Diamond Mesh used in field lacrosse sticks, this mesh maintains its pocket while ensuring consistency regardless of the weather.  12 Diamond Mesh is more than capable of providing goalie lacrosse sticks the deepest pocket possible without sacrificing the lacrosse sticks’ ability to clear.

I know it seems like a lot of stringing options with little deviation. The truth of the matter is there really isn’t a bad choice. offers only the highest quality pocket options for lacrosse sticks, all of which have been used by others ensuring customers they won’t be hung out to dry come game day. So pick your poison at, and watch your game evolve! Be sure to check out our Lacrosse Equipment and Lacrosse Apparel selections as well.