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Lacrosse Gear Guide: Goalie Heads

Posted on February 22, 2012 by Lax World There have been 0 comments

Without question, the goalie is the most important player on the team. Let’s face it, nobody else can step onto the field with the attitude, “If I play a perfect game, the worst we can do is tie”.

This causes one to ask why there was really only one Lacrosse Goalie Head available until about ten years ago. The STX Goalmaster held a monopoly on the goalie position since plastic lacrosse heads first stepped onto the scene. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Lacrosse equipment manufacturers have come out with various competitors for the STX Goalmaster that pushed the potential for any Lacrosse Goalie another step forward.

LaxWorld.com has all of the Lacrosse Gear for Goalies on the market available for purchase online to take your game to the next level.


As mentioned, the Goalmaster is what goalies in the lacrosse community refer to as a classic. Don’t confuse classic with outdated. The Goalmaster is perfectly capable of making the game-winning save in the championship game. Made of mainly solid plastic, and molded to the original Lacrosse goalie head dimensions, the Goalmaster doesn’t take up as much space as some newer heads. Without fail though, this lacrosse goalie head will string up great and hold up under duress. Whether that be a 95 m.p.h. wind-up by some sorry attack-man on the other team, or just extreme climate change, you can count on the STX Goalmaster to see you through it all.


The Eclispse goalie head was the first of its kind. As lacrosse heads began to take a turn to the offset design years back, STX made it happen with lacrosse goalie heads as well. The Eclipse is an offset lacrosse goalie head with a larger face then its father, the Goalmaster. The eclipse was the first lacrosse goalie head to incorporate stylized sides to cut some of the weight and allow every save to look even cooler. As the old saying goes, “you have to look good to play good”, and if you are standing in cage holding the STX Eclipse, you will certainly be looking good! Besides aesthetics though, the Eclipse is equipped with a very adaptable side-wall to make any pocket desired work nicely. This lacrosse goalie head is not only a great option, it has been one of the most popular choices for goalies around the world since its release.


The Nemesis Lyte could just as easily been named “The Answer”. It was in fact, Warriors answer to STX’s Eclipse. However, now that I think about it, the name Nemesis works great too. The Nemesis Lyte is the Eclipses arch-nemesis. The Nemesis Lyte Goalie Head is also off-set and lighter then it’s predecessor, the original Nemesis. The head is built to accommodate nearly every pocket style to guarantee the control and accuracy you desire. The Nemesis Lyte lacrosse goalie head is among the top of the class in popularity and performance.


The lightest warrior lacrosse goalie head ever, the Void Lyte offers an unparalleled control factor. Weighing in at only 9.3 ounces, this warrior lacrosse goalie head gives the player maximum sensitivity to feel for the ball in their stick. There is no longer a need to double-take your heavy lacrosse goalie stick to make sure you still have the ball. The Void Lyte allows your undivided attention to be up field to minimize errors, and increase fast breaks off the save.


The Brine Eraser Lacrosse Goalie Head was designed by Tillman Johnson. He is the man who single handedly preserved a national title for the University of Virginia years ago with three doorstep saves in a row.  His design includes an offset mold to allow for maximum control and performance. The Eraser Goalie Head weighs only 10.8 ounces putting it right up there with the Void Lyte as one of the lightest lacrosse goalie heads on the market.


The Brine Money Lacrosse Goalie Head is takes off-set to another lever. In addition to extreme control and performance capabilities, this lacrosse goalie head has a curved scoop design to make raking and scooping easier. The head has an open side-wall design to make the lacrosse goalie head lighter. Most notably, the Brine Money Goalie Head has a dollar sign ($) at the throat of the head adding style and flare to your game you can’t achieve by just playing well.

While LaxWorld.com is your one-stop-shop for all of your goalie needs, the Lacrosse goalie head you buy will definitely not be a one-stop anything. Save after save, you can expect quality and performance from everything LaxWorld.com has to offer. From the first save of the game to the last, it is important as the goalie to demand greatness from your team. LaxWorld.com demands the same thing from all of its products.

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