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What's the Difference Between Lacrosse Arm Guards and Lacrosse Arm Pads?

Choosing the right elbow pad is never as easy as it should be. What’s the difference between lacrosse arm guards and lacrosse arm pads? Although the differences seem subtle, choosing the right lacrosse arm guard or lacrosse arm pad can take your game to the next level. From a defender’s total mobility, to an attack-man’s comfort and protection as he starts his dodge, confidence in your lacrosse equipment cannot be undervalued.

Lacrosse Arm Pads

Traditionally lacrosse arm pads are constructed out primarily foam padding. This design allows the lacrosse arm pads to be very light weight while still taking the brunt of any checks thrown in their direction. Lacrosse arm pads can range from tiny elbow pads to the full forearm and upper arm pad, similar to most arm guards. Lacrosse arm pads are worn more commonly by mid-fielders and defense men. This is simply because they don’t take as many checks while they work their magic on the field. Conversely, attack-men working in the trenches against defenders, tend to use arm Guards which offer a little sturdier protection.

Lacrosse Arm Guards

Lacrosse arms guards are usually designed with protection in mind. Lacrosse arm guards will typically have padding underneath of a protective plastic shell. The protective plastic on the lacrosse arm guards give attack-men peace of mind as they dodge that it won’t be the wrath of the defense they feel, but the glory of scoring goals. Lacrosse arm guards protect the full arm for the most part with the main objective being safety. Understandably, mobility, flexibility, and bulkiness have to take the back seat to protection making buying the right lacrosse arm guards so important. It is always nice to feel completely safe, but when a bulky arm pad cramps your style on the field, certain lacrosse arm guards become intolerable quickly.

It’s a tale as old as time, with high risk comes high reward. The risk being a little less protection from the wrath of a six-foot lacrosse stick, while the reward is complete mobility to dip, spin, and shoot as if you were wearing nothing but your jersey. There is no exact combination of lacrosse equipment that makes any player great. It all depends on your personal taste and style of play to decide what is best for you. Fortunately, offers the largest variety of lacrosse arm pads and lacrosse arm guards online to accommodate every player’s needs. Be sure to check out all of the latest lacrosse equipment and lacrosse apparel at! It’s your one stop shop before you take the field.