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College Lax World: March Update

Five weeks down and things are really starting to take shape in division-1 lacrosse.

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Hopkins Lacrosse has claimed the number one seed in all the polls after an upset win against UVA in Charlottesville this weekend. Loyola and UMass remain the only other lacrosse teams currently undefeated in addition to Hopkins. Both of which lacrosse teams are ranked in the top-5 in all of the recent polls. The reigning champions Virginia, are still ranked either 2nd or 3rd depending on which polls you look at after their lone loss this weekend.

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The biggest news of the weekend though has to be the brawl in the lacrosse game between North Carolina Lacrosse and Maryland Lacrosse.  The fight resulted in two players being ejected, one from each team and a brief clearing of the benches. If you haven’t had a chance to see the fight yet, I think it is fair to say Maryland won the battle. Unfortunately that momentum did not transpire into a victory, as UNC won the war, and got the win in their first meeting this year.

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It is not surprising to see two teams playing with a little more edge in a conference game than they typically do. Playing in the conference brings out the best in players. For one, lacrosse teams are more familiar with a conference opponent than they are with other teams. That familiarity is where rivalries and vendettas are born. Players take everything personally. If a player gets out played or gets cheap-shotted in one game, you can bet the farm that the next time those teams meet it has not been forgotten.  By rule both players who were ejected in Friday’s math-up will be suspended this week. Sometimes, defending the honor of your team, University, and yourself can go a long way for the season. Perhaps, this will spark a little aggression and excitement for the games to come. Lacrosse is not hockey, fights like this are few and far between. So, while we do not condone fighting, both teams seemed to play a little harder and a little faster after the fight. Maybe the excitement and team camaraderie that came out of this fight is just what the doctor ordered to sling-shot these teams in the second half of the lacrosse season.

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