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Lax Gear for a Good Cause

If you're like most lacrosse fans, you believe that lacrosse is more than just a sport; you see it as a major life-changer. Aside from honing your skills and instilling discipline, the bumps and bruises caused by errant lacrosse sticks has also changed your life for the better. It helped you become physically fit and mentally healthy. It taught you the concept of teamwork and the essence of leadership. And it has probably led to some of the strongest friendships in your life.

So it's no surprise that lacrosse-centered charities are popping up all over the world, aiming to use lacrosse to change other people's lives, too. From raising cancer awareness to donating lacrosse gear to kids in need, there are different activities and programs where you can participate in proclaiming the benefits of lacrosse. They may even serve as an opportunity to share your lacrosse story and inspire others. Here are three lacrosse-related charities you can get involved in:

Lacrosse the Nations

Lacrosse the Nations is a non-profit organization dedicated to using lacrosse programs to encourage education in communities facing extreme poverty. It currently runs a lacrosse program in La Chureca, a trash dump community in Nicaragua. The charity uses both in-school and after-school lacrosse programs as a way to encourage children to attend school and eventually graduate from the School of Hope. Lacrosse the Nations also provides funding for nutritional in-school snacks and monthly field trips outside the community.

The Headstrong Foundation

When Division I athlete and talented Hofstra lacrosse player Nick Colleluori was diagnosed with blood cancer, he took no time to wallow in self-pity. Instead, he laid the groundwork for the Headstrong Foundation, a charitable organization that has raised over $2 million dollars to help find a cure for the disease. The organization seeks to raise awareness within the lacrosse community and provide scholarships for young athletes aiming to start a career in medicine. The foundation also sponsors popular lacrosse fundraising efforts, such as Laces for Lymphoma and Score for a Cure.

The Starz Foundation

The Starz Foundation seeks to support and develop lacrosse programs all over the western United States. The Foundation also provides financial assistance to student athletes in order to help them reach their lacrosse or collegiate goals. Starz runs a multi-faceted lacrosse equipment donation program in addition to providing scholarships and grants, free lacrosse demonstrations, and the City Starz Leadership Program.

What You Can Do to Support and Foster Lacrosse in Your Community

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Lacrosse has given so much to your life; now it's time to give back. You don't need the help of a specific charity to support lacrosse in your community. Instead, find ways to help support and develop lacrosse on your own terms. Dedicate time to an after-school program. Donate lacrosse sticks or lacrosse clothing to an athlete in need. Send LaxWorld gift cards to a fledgling lacrosse program or one of the aforementioned charities. Sponsor an underfunded team through LaxWorld's team Lacrosse apparel offerings.

No matter how you choose to help, you can let LaxWorld help you spread your love of lacrosse throughout the world.