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Best of Rasta Lax Gear Mon'

Red, Yellow and Green means that you're chill, and your gear is fresh. Rasta Lax Gear is here and it's taking the lax world by storm. Check out the newest and hottest Rasta lacrosse apparel from your favorite brands like Warrior Lacrosse, Adrenaline Lacrosse and more.

Warrior Swag Slip On

Warrior Lacrosse - Lax Gear -

This limited edition street shoe covers all of your swag needs. The slip on, hemp-based shoe is comfortable and makes for optimal chilling. While the sole is engineered for chilling on any surface.

Adrenaline Socks - J Train (Rasta)

Adrenaline Lacrosse Socks - Lax Apparel - Lax World

You know what they say - inside every good shoe is a good sock - or something like that. Adrenaline socks are built to perform. Adrenaline Rasta socks are built to perform while simultaneously looking sweet.

Dynamic Rasta Lacrosse Shorts with Pockets

Rasta Lacrosse Shorts - Lacrosse Apparel - Lax World

Who says you can't have great shorts to play in but still look stylish off the field. You already know Dynamic is the brand to turn to for awesome on-field lacrosse gear, but you also know that these hot-selling shorts look sweet off the field.