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Lacrosse Head Buying Guide

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The head of your lacrosse stick is crucial no matter where you play on the field – what’s even more crucial is finding the best lacrosse head for your style of play.

Buying a lacrosse shaft is one thing – you know based off your position whether you need a long pole or short pole. If you’re a sharp shooting attack or middie, you need a 30” pole – similarly, if you’re a shut down defender you might have a 60” long pole.

But for some reason, nobody breaks down how to find the right lacrosse head: until now.


First thing is first – you have to determine which heads are legal for use by youth, high school and college players. Universal heads can be used across all levels of play (NCAA, High School & Youth) but for all other heads, the big divides come between those that are allowed for NCAA play and those that are not. NCAA Heads have width requirements allowed on the college level that are not allowed by high school and youth lacrosse rules. Lacrosse heads from Lax World have legality requirements labeled to make your job easier.


Level of play is one thing – but experience level plays a big role as well. Newer players, you probably want a head with a wide throat area so catching and passing become easier. Where as more experienced players, who have passing and catching down, may want a narrower throat for precision.


Once you’ve figured out what types of heads are legal and best for your level – you can start building your perfect lax stick for your type of game. Next step, firmness – it may sound odd but not every head is built for the same style of player. This will affect defenders more than anyone – as they do less shooting and more hitting. Defenders: you want a firmer head.


Attack & Middies – whether you’re a feeder that likes to rack up assists, a FOGO that dominates the X or you like to shoot from the point – you probably value control more than firmness. Good ball control is crucial for your game. For other great heads check out Lax World’s collection from Brine, STX and more.