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Boh Knows Lacrosse

Baltimore – the Land of Pleasant Living.  Many consider this city to be the lax capital of the world. Sure, the last decade has seen the sport grow across the country, from New England to the Colorado. But many (outside of Virginia) would argue that Maryland is the heart of the national lacrosse community.  After all, it’s the state’s official team sport.

Is there a better brand, symbol or image to represent this city than Mr. Boh of National Bohemian fame? Natty Boh lacrosse gear captures the essence of this city and gives lacrosse fans in Maryland and beyond an icon they can hold on to. Lacrosse apparel that bare Mr.Boh’s face (from shirts to socks to shorts) has taken off in popularity from coast to coast. Here are some of our personal favorites from Lax World:

Natty Boh Lax Shirt - Lacrosse Apparel - Lax World

Natty Boh Lacrosse Socks - Lacrosse Apparel - Lax World

Natty Boh Lax Shorts - Lacrosse Apparel - Lax World