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Girl's Lacrosse Gear: No Boys Club

June 23, 1972 - No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

It’s been forty years since Title IX opened up countless doors for female athletes on all levels. Over the last four decades girls’ high school sports has grown almost ten-fold. Naturally, there’s also been a corresponding growth on the college level, with 10 times the number of female college athletes as there were in 1972 when the act was passed.

As lacrosse grows rapidly around the US, it’s especially astounding to see how far women’s lacrosse has come as it evolves just as rapidly as the boys’ game. As both games evolve, so does their lacrosse gear. Girls’ lacrosse equipment caters specifically to the girls’ game from girls’ lacrosse sticks, to lacrosse goggles and even a unique take on lacrosse apparel.

In honor of four decades of progress, Lax World salutes some of our favorite Women’s Lax college programs – including this year’s champ, Northwestern!

Northwestern Wildcats
Northwestern Women's Lacrosse - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

John Hopkins Blue Jays
Hopkins Women's Lacrosse - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

Maryland Terrapins
Maryland Lacrosse Shorts - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

Syracuse Orange
Syracuse Women's Lacroose - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

Virginia Cavaliers
Virginia Women's Lacrosse - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel