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Battle of Baltimore’s Lax Brands: STX vs. Under Armour

Posted on August 31, 2012 by Lax World There have been 0 comments


Earlier this month, we began a look into a couple of Baltimore’s best Lax brands. STX – the long reigning lacrosse giant which helped revolutionize the way lacrosse gear was manufactured – and Under Armour, one of Baltimore’s biggest and still growing sports apparel/equipment manufacturers.

While STX lacrosse has called charm city home for decades longer than Under Armour lacrosse, it’s hard to go to any sort of event, camp or tournament without seeing both brands prominently displayed, including the Under Armour All-America game.

There’s no escaping one major fact in lacrosse equipment history. If it were not for STX’s initiative to mass-produce synthetic rubber lacrosse heads, who knows if any lacrosse gear, let alone lacrosse sticks, would be manufactured on a mainstream level. One of STX’s most significant heads to hit the market would have to be the Proton lacrosse heads. Outside of sticks, STX Cell gloves and pads are among the most popular in the lacrosse community.

But in sports manufacturing, don’t ever count out Under Armour to try and improve a product. For a long time UA stuck to sports apparel, until the Baltimore sports giant began to branch out into other realms of gear – with the new Under Armour Player Head, pads, gloves, etc. Not to mention their salute to Maryland with the UA Maryland Flag Baltiflage Shaft.



So who do YOU think is the Best Baltimore Lax Brand?


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