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Lacrosse Glove Buying Guide


glove buying guide

Lax gear is important. Not just to keep players safe, but to provide optimal performance potential. Pads, helmets, apparel – the best products are built so you don’t even feel like you’re wearing them.

Lacrosse gloves should be comfortable, but still provide great control over your stick. They should be strong enough to protect you from poke checks and collisions, with durability to last season after season.

With so many gloves on the market, the right lacrosse glove may be different for every player. An experienced lacrosse player may need a different sense of control than a beginner. A high schooler takes a different level hit than college and pro players, and a sharpshooting sniper will almost always prefer a different weight or comfort level than a long-pole middie.

Here are some from a few new & hot products from some of your favorite brands.

Warrior Lacrosse
Warrior Mac Daddy 3 - Lacrosse Gloves
Warrior provides premium sports equipment ranging from ice hockey to lacrosse. Stay tuned for the newest installment of Warrior gloves, the Mac Daddy 4 – and check out our Facebook page as we’re giving away a pair for free!

STX Lacrosse
STX Lacrosse Gloves - STX Cells - Lax World
One of the sports most iconic brands, STX Cells are some of the most popular equipment pieces – from arm guards and pads to gloves.

Nike Lacrosse
Lacrosse Gloves - Nike - Lax World
One of Nike’s newest products, the Vapor Elite Gloves are one of our most technically advanced products.

Under Armour Lacrosse
Lacrosse Gloves - Under Armour - Lax World
While they’re newer to the game, it’s always exciting to see what Under Armour is cooking up next.

For beginners, you should always visit a lacrosse store and try on different options to see what feels best to you. But if you have somebody helping you out, or you’re a seasoned vet that knows your favorite brands and products, you know where you can find the best gear online: