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College Lax World: October

Shot Clock

Bringing you the latest news, updates and stories from the world of college lacrosse. Check back every month for the latest happenings from your favorite schools.

NCAA Rule Changes – The biggest headline to hit the national lacrosse landscape this season has been the approval of new rules for the NCAA lax game, most notably is the addition of the (long-awaited and rumored) 30-second shot clock that will replace the stall warning.

With the new rules set in place, at the point when a team is issued a stall warning, they’re given 30 seconds to take a shot on goal. Previously, the rule only required the offensive team to keep the ball in the restraining box. This rule has been eliminated.

Here’s the breakdown of the new rule:

  • After the ref issues a stall warning, a 20-second timer will start. Once this ends, the ref closest to the ball begins a 10-second handcount and keeps counting until a shot is taken.
  • If the ball or shot goes out of bounds, the ref will restart the handcount.
  • If a shothits the goal cage or is saved by the goalkeeper and the offensive team regains control, the play starts over again with no stall warning or shot clock.

The same panel passed new rules regarding lacrosse sticks. Starting in 2013, players will be allowed to have shooting strings up to but not touching four inches from the top of the crosse.

Richmond to Add Lacrosse – It’s often said how lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the country. That’s hard to dispute when colleges like Michigan and a laundry list of others have started (or announced future starts) new NCAA Division I teams. University of Richmond can now be added to that list. The Spiders, who compete in the A-10 for most sports but the CAA for lax, have announced they will put a new team on the field as early as 2014. It’s said they will look into associate membership with the CAA.

Keio Tours the Mid-Atlantic – Keio University, Japan’s top College team, once again has embarked on a fall ball tour of some of the Mid-Atlantics top lacrosse schools. Most recently, they were hosted by the following Maryland and DC teams: Navy Lacrosse, Towson Lacrosse, UMBC and Georgetown in a series of friendlys and scrimmages.

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