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Hot New Lacrosse Heads @ Lax World

It doesn’t matter your experience level, position or what type of player you are – your lacrosse stick is critical to your game. If you’re a hard-checking defender, FOGO or sharp shooter, the way your stick is constructed will define your play style more than any other piece of equipment.

But your head is just as important – check out some of the hottest new lacrosse heads from some of your favorite brands:

Warrior Rabil X Head
Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Head
Imagine some of your favorite lacrosse players, both college and pro, and imagine if you could shoot with the same stick that made them great. Warrior Lacrosse picked the brain of MLL superstar and former All-American Paul Rabil to construct a lacrosse head fit for the game’s fastest shooter of all time. The Rabil X Head is legal for all play and comes with multiple designs, so you can build  a stick that shoots like the former Hopkins Star and look good while doing so.

STX Hammer U Head-

UPDATE: This item is no longer carried by Lax World. To see all of the heads currently on sale at Lax World Click Here
If there’s one thing STX knows, it’s building a top of the line lacrosse stick. The Hammer U Head is one of the most highly engineered heads on the market, with firmness for even the most advanced defender, strength and stability to scoop up ground balls and all while remaining lightweight for superior performance. STX lacrosse sticks have revolutionized the game for years and the Hammer U head is just another example of some of the best gear in the game from one of its most trusted brands.

Nike Vapor Head

UPDATE: This item is no longer carried by Lax World. To see all of the heads currently on sale at Lax World Click Here

Nike Lacrosse constructed this offensive weapon for optimal shooting and feeding, perfect for middies and attack that like to move the ball around or shoot from anywhere on the field. The sleek design still manages to be durable and stiff despite its light weight. Although the stick is not legal for College play, the Vapor head is great for the fast-paced prep game.

Under Armour Juke Head
Under Armour Juke Head - Lacrosse Heads
Under Armour Lacrosse may still be relatively new to the game compared to some of our longer tenured brands, but the sports giant knows two things. Baltimore & Sports. Being born in what’s widely considered the lacrosse capital of the world, the Under Armour Lacrosse catalog delivers another gem, this time with the Juke head. Its tight lower pocket provides for maximum control while the new and improved pocket shape allows for pinpoint accuracy. Again, while it’s not legal for College play, it stands up well for premier high school and youth laxers.

Whether you’re midway through fall ball, playing box this winter or just can’t wait until next spring, Lax World has the gear you want. Don’t wait until it’s too late, get your new head today and build the stick that will take you to the top.