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Introducing the Brine Clutch Elite Head

Brine Clutch Elite Head

Brine is excited to announce the latest head in the Brine Clutch family: the Clutch Elite. The newest addition to the already top-selling Clutch product line is the lightest head to date.

The Core technology makes this lacrosse head attractive to players of all levels. The hollowed outside walls allow the head more accuracy while weighing less. The lighter head allows you to bring the head through the shot faster and with more power.

The sidewall holes, all of which face straight down, allow the player to string the pocket right below the plastic to give the perfect amount of hold. This in turn allows continual accuracy in all your shots. As Ned Crotty says in this video: drilling the same movements into your training is extremely important in optimizing your performance.

All of this new technology combined in the Clutch Elite gives the players a lighter head without increasing stiffness while optimizing handling, accuracy, and speed with maximum offset and pinch.

Brine lacrosse enthusiasts will love adding this new and improved head to the rest of their lax equipment. The following video shows the Clutch Elite in action, modeled and used by professional MLL player Ned Crotty.