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Choosing the Best Lacrosse Helmets

Lacrosse Helmet

Safety should be a top priority in terms of properly outfitting a lacrosse player with proper protective gear. The most important part of the body you need to keep safe is the head. That’s why lacrosse helmets are mandatory for all levels of men’s lacrosse in the United States.

Specifically, lacrosse helmets are most commonly made of plastic and include padding on the inside to allow the head to fit snug, yet comfortably. What is the key to choosing the best lacrosse helmet for your game? You want to always make sure to check out the helmet's protection level and quality and safety.

Protection Level

The first thing to consider is what type of protection you’re looking for. Lacrosse helmets come in different types, including half-face models, full-faced helmets and open-faced helmets. While helmet type rules and regulations vary by the level of lacrosse you play, generally speaking, the full-faced helmets, which come with a protective facemask, offer the most protection.

Quality and Safety

The quality and safety precautions put into your lacrosse protective gear is the most important factor when selecting any lax gear; especially a helmet. We recommend sticking with name brand models for the best lacrosse helmets: Brine, Cascade and Warrior are the three most popular name brand lacrosse manufacturers. It is also suggested to look for helmets that are approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSA), which means they’ve been tested and passed safety regulations.

Here are some other things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect lacrosse helmet for you:

  • Fit: Helmets are measured in inches; check the manufacturer recommendations to select the most appropriate size for you. According to US Lacrosse, a properly fitted helmet should be firm and uniform when worn, and the chinstrap should be completely tightened so there’s zero slack. A helmet that is too big will readjust as you play, making you more susceptible to injury, whereas a helmet that is too tight can cause headaches.
  • Materials: Aside from plastic, lacrosse helmets also come in chrome, titanium and steel varieties. Titanium has great strength-to-weight ratio, so the helmet will feel lighter compared to chrome, plastic or steel. Although not as light as titanium, chrome is also a light, durable material. Steel, while heavy, offers heat resistant features, making such helmets ideal for hot weather conditions.
  • Helmet accessories: Aside from the helmet itself, accessories help keep lacrosse players safe on the field. Throat guards attach to the bottom of the helmet to protect the neck and throat area, while mouth guards attach to the helmet cage bars. You can also purchase decals to outfit your helmet.

If you keep these tips in mind you’ll be as safe as you can while on the field. Lax World offers the best selection of safe lacrosse helmets. Shop lacrosse helmets now!