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Best Selling Lacrosse Gloves

Maverik lacrosse player shooting

One of the most important pieces of protective equipment is the lacrosse glove. While they may look like gloves in other sports, lacrosse gloves are different, both in design and in purpose. The trick to getting the right gloves for lacrosse is knowing what to look for and, more importantly, choosing the right place to buy them.Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Lax World is your best lacrosse gear source.

These gloves are among the most popular models in the sport of lacrosse:

Maverik Mission Maryland Flag Gloves

  1. Maverik Mission Maryland Flag Gloves

These gloves live up to the great reputation of other “Maveriks”; they feature:

  • The most popular sizes and colors
  • Conveniently priced under $120.00
  • Great flexibility, grip, and ease-of-action, as well as protection from game-stopping injuries
  • A great tactical “tool” for both defensive and offensive players
  • A special DilloFlex material provides smooth wrist control and movement
  • A special Durastretch material provides unparalleled softness and comfort
  • The padding is thick, impact-resistant but light-weight
  • Moisture-protection “wicking” lining
  • Best suited for Junior High thru High School
  • Comes with a 30-day warranty

Nike Vapor Glove

  1. Nike Vapor Glove

The Vapor is one of the reasons Nike is considered a top-manufacturer of sporting equipment. These top-of-the-line gloves feature:

  • The most popular sizes and colors
  • Priced under $101.00
  • Thick-but-flexible 3-material, mesh-ventilated palm for added protection against rough “checks”; excellent grip and “feel”
  • Sweat-channeling, keep-players’-hands-cool “wicking” material
  • A 4-part cuff for relaxed mobility and improved injury protection
  • Light-weight
  • Best-suited for youth through high school
  • Excellent customer testimonials and industry ratings
Brine King Superlight Glove
  1. Brine King Superlight Glove

There are other Brine gloves but this one is truly super light! Its fine characteristics include:

  • The most popular sizes and colors
  • Priced under $101.00
  • Extremely lightweight: only 6 oz.
  • An industry-tested 2-material design: a fine-grade nylon knit and rich leather
  • A special back-handed, double-density-foam venting system
  • A state-of-the-art “floating,” easily-adjustable, and comfortable cuff
  • A special liner providing both great ventilation and moisture control
  • Mesh-material (KSL) palm inserts; finger gussets
  • Best-suited for younger players; Midfield, Attack positions
STX Cell II Goalie Gloves
  1. STX Cell II Goalie Gloves

The STX Cell II is especially made to endure extra punishment. These gloves feature:

  • The most popular sizes and colors
  • Priced under $121.00
  • A snug, compact fit
  • Punishment-enduring protection with surprising flexibility
  • Special, space-age isoBlox design affords flexibility without compromising on safety
  • Best-suited for Youth thru College
  • Moisture-protection “wicking” lining
  • Vented backhand and palm
  • Excellent customer testimonials and industry ratings

If shopping for the best lacrosse gear, Lax World has what you need. The best-selling gloves in the industry; a knowledgeable, courteous staff; a user-friendly online ordering system; a state-of-the-art website and awesome prices—Lax World is your personal one-stop lacrosse gear open-24/7 emporium!