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How to String a Lacrosse Head

String a Lacrosse Head

Lacrosse players in every stage of the game need to properly maintain their lacrosse gear so they can give the greatest performance out on the field. At times, you may need to replace the mesh on your lacrosse head. There are numerous ways to string it, as people develop their unique style and preference on how tight they want the mesh. You can start out following these basic steps, and then hone your stringing skills over time.

Stringing kit requirements:

  • one 3-foot long top string
  • two 2 1/2 foot-long sidewall strings
  • one 8-inch long bottom string
  • three shooting strings

In addition, you'll need:

  • 10-diamond mesh
  • scissors
  • lighter

Before we get started, you'll want to burn the ends of all the strings with the lighter to keep them from unraveling as your stringing the lacrosse head. Make a knot on the end of one top string, as this will be the one you start with first. Pick up your new mesh and stretch it out as much as possible. You'll be stringing a lax head on the lacrosse stick.

Stringing the Top

Step #1: Lay your mesh down on the table and fold over the first row of diamonds onto the second. The first mesh hole is the most important one to string, as you will want to pull the mesh as tightly as possibly. Push your top string through that first hole in the sidewall. Go through the front of the mesh hole and out the back as you bring the string through the first hole again.

You should now have a looped string as you pull the mesh as tight as you can against the lacrosse head. Next, we will go to the first scoop hole at the top. On some lacrosse heads, the holes look like diamonds and on others they look like ovals.

Step #2: Holding your string facing you, you want to push the end through the top scoop hole. Bring the string down and under through the second diamond hole on the mesh. When you bring the top string towards you again, you want to hook it on the other piece of string running from the sidewall hole to the scoop hole. Bring it under that line and around toward you and pull tight.

Step #3: You are next going to take the end of the string and put it back through the second diamond on the mesh as you bring it through the back of the scoop hole and to the front. Don't pull it tight yet! You want to bring the end through the loop you created when going through the second mesh diamond. Bring the top string under the loop and up without going through the mesh a second time. Pull the string tight as the mesh should be tied on.

Step #4: You want to repeat Step #2 three to four more times. Skip the third mesh hole, fifth mesh hole and seventh mesh hole along with the corresponding scoop holes. You'll just want to do every other mesh hole and scoop hole in the same tying method you just learned.

You should now be at the ninth mesh diamond. You will string this to the top sidewall hole in the same fashion as you did the other side during Step #1. Pull the string tight and tie it into a knot. Cut off the extra end of the string with scissors and burn the tip.

Stringing The Sidewalls

Step #5: You have completed the top string. It's time to work on the sidewalls. Place a knot in the sidewall string and place it through the available sidewall hole at the top underneath the sidewall hole you used to string the top of the mesh. Bring the tip of the string up through the mesh hole and through the next sidewall hole, pulling tight. Then do the same thing for the next mesh diamond hole, going from back to front and placing it through the next sidewall hole.

For this next part, you want to skip a sidewall hole and move to the next one. Basically, you will string through two sidewall holes, and skip the third. You want to do this pattern three times until you are lower on the lacrosse head.

Step #6: Now take the sidewall string and bring it down through the mesh hole. Skip one sidewall hole and bring the string up and through the next hole as you tighten it. Do this procedure for the next three holes without skipping any as you reach the last sidewall hole toward the bottom as you place the string though and tie a knot. Cut off the excess and burn the tip. Do the same stringing procedure on the other side of the lacrosse head.

Stringing The Bottom

Step #7: There are so many ways to string the bottom that you can rely on your own personal preference. Some people will tie the one end and choose a mesh diamond hole on the other side and they tie it off in the last hole so it is as tight as it can be to help with rain issues. Other people will weave the string through the mesh diamond holes to get a pocket depth they want.

Stringing The Shooter Strings

Step #8: The easiest strings to place on the lacrosse head, you'll want to pick three rows of mesh diamonds as you weave the string in and out all the way through to the other side and bring it back around as you tie the ends. You can also make a "U" pattern if you wish or just three straight lines. After you place on the shooter strings, you have successfully stringed your lacrosse head.

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