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What Goggles are Right for You?

What Goggles are Right for You?

Lacrosse is one of those sports men and women play a little differently. For example, the lacrosse sticks for girls have distinctive pockets. Stick size varies by position in boy’s lacrosse, but women all carry a stick between 35.5 inches to 43.25 inches. One key difference between the sexes is protective gear. Whereas men wear helmets, ladies need only worry about lacrosse goggles.

Official Eyewear Specifications

All women's lacrosse goggles, really any eye protection in general, must meet the current American Society for Testing and Materials. These prerequisites only cover competitive play, however; schools and private teams may have additional qualifications.

Types of Eye Protection

Beyond the basics, it is the player’s choice what type of eyewear to choose. There is more than one style available.

Wire Framed – Some women's lacrosse goggles have a wire configuration that goes across the lens to add additional support. The wire protection runs in a way that will not obstruct the players view. The style is reminiscent of a hockey mask that only covers the upper part of the face. The drawback of wire goggles is they can occasionally bend or rust.

Wrap around – While wire frame eye protection resembles a hockey mask, the wrap around goggles look more like swimming gear. Made from a poly resin material, they press tightly against the skin. They have the added benefit of not bending out of shape the way wire framed products can over time.

Co-poly frame – These appear more like skiing glasses. The sleek construction is lighter with a more modern design style. There is no wire frame on the lens with this model, either.

There are aviator style products available to fit over prescription glasses as well.

Finding the Right Fit

The first thing any player should do is review team regulations. While there are different styles available, the team may limit the type they accept. When considering design, keep in mind the goal is to protect not only the eyes, but your nose and orbits, as well.

  • Eyewear should fit snugly against the head but not be overly tight. The bands will adjust to keep the frame firmly in place, but not all styles fit each face shape perfectly. Always try lacrosse goggles on before purchasing. They must sit over the tops of the cheeks and remain close to the surface of the face.
  • Find a pair that doesn’t interfere with your peripheral vision. You may have to wear them for a few minutes to ensure you can see well.
  • Just like shoes, you have to break them in, so you get used to wearing the eyewear. Walk around the house with them on to train yourself to see comfortably.

Women's lacrosse goggles are both stylish and effective. Since the ladies tend to get less physical, they offer the necessary protection. Trying to play without them puts one at risk for an unintentional jab in the eye with a flying stick.

Lacrosse is an active game where just about anything can happen. Protective gear allows you to play with a certain degree of safety. For women’s teams, that means proper lacrosse goggles.