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What to Look for in a Girls Lacrosse Stick

Typically referred to as the crosse, the stick is the most important equipment piece in lacrosse. For girl’s lacrosse, the sticks are usually composed of nylon, fiberglass, wood, leather, a metal alloy handle, gut, and composite. To maximize your natural skills on the field, you must choose a stick that fits your position, playing style, and comfort level.

Lacrosse Sticks by Position

Girl’s lacrosse sticks, like men’s lacrosse sticks, differ depending on the position. For goalies, the head is deeper and wider, and the stick is generally bigger with little flex or completely solid grips. Defenders use the sticks that are deeper, since a deeper stick is easier to block balls and keep people from stealing the ball away. Midfielders and attackers need a flexible stick that they can easily move around with, and so they feature a flex point. These sticks are usually also a bit lighter. All beginners should think about using an extra flex point because these sticks are easier to use and offer enough forgiveness when the ball is in their hands.

Best Girl’s Lacrosse Brands

As far as brands, STX is probably one of the most popular, not only for girl’s lacrosse but for men’s as well. STX sticks are high quality and allow maximum usage. The top models allow the ball to be scooped off the ground easily because of the angled head, which also offers extremely effective ball control. The top models also provide maximum ball protection when the sticks are held upright. These sticks are a good choice for girl lacrosse players.

Another excellent brand for girl’s lacrosse sticks is deBeer. With models like Fierce, Rapture, Raptflx, and Defy, it is easy to see why these are popular sticks. For expert attackers, the Raptflx works extremely well because it has been upgraded for added velocity, offers the Gripper Pro, and was developed specifically for speed and control when handling the ball. The IMPTFS-PTK is perfect for the all-around player since its construction makes it very easy to scoop balls up from the ground and to shoot with velocity.

One brand that many people know regardless of the sport you play is Nike. In fact, Nike makes a number of excellent girl’s lacrosse sticks that are reasonably priced and effective on the field. The other great thing about Nike sticks is that they tend to come in a number of color combinations so lacrosse players can not only select the best stick for their position, but the best stick to fit their personal style. The Nike Arise stick, for example, comes in volt, black, white, and light blue. Additionally, this stick allows for the deepest legal pocket through its low sidewall and increased ball protection with its raised ball stop height.

In the end, selecting a lacrosse stick depends on the brand, position, style, and most importantly, preference. Shop our collection of girl’s lacrosse sticks now.