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Fiddlesticks...What are they good for? Absolutely everything!

All University of Maryland player, Tyler, needs is one more goal to win as he heads down the field on a break away. He whips a pass to the point man that quickly passes to a teammate cutting across the crease. He finishes a behind-the-back shot and the team goes crazy - they just won the game before the National Lacrosse Championship! This was not the Final Four though. This was one of several fiddlestick games being played by the young and old fans imagining they were playing for a top college lacrosse team in the parking lot.

The fiddlestick is just a mini lacrosse stick right? What could be so great about it? Many people do not understand the enjoyment of a fiddlestick until they have one. For the kids playing in the parking lot before the National Championship, it was being able to play the game they love in a tight area and letting their imagination run wild. Kids and adults can perform tricks they could not do with a regular stick, such as the behind the back shot into the top right corner of the mini goal to win the game. The control of the game made them feel like a pro.

Believe it or not, this is not the only way fiddlesticks can be used and not the only people that can use them.

1. A Tailgating Must! Fiddlesticks are easy, packable items into the truck or car headed to the big game. All you need is fiddlesticks for whoever wants to play, the mini goal, and a mini ball. Other tailgaters might have their own goals and sticks as well and before you know it a game has started. The kids playing get to let their imagination run wild and will entertain themselves while the adults are eating and tailgating. Eventually even the adults will see the fun and join into the game.

2. At The Beach.  The beach is a great spot to take out the mini sticks and play throw and catch.  You do not have to worry about getting sand on your regular stick. It is also another perfect spot to start up a mini lacrosse game. This is one of the best mini lacrosse games as you get to dive across the crease or make diving checks as you fall into the sand. Pick teams, have one goalie that plays for both teams, take the ball back to a certain point after a turnover and play by the normal lacrosse rules and you have a mini game. Warning: be careful shooting, you will certainly be chasing that ball down the beach or in the water after missing so work on your accuracy.

3. Have an unfinished basement? Buy two mini goals and two mini goalie sticks and play some goalie wars if there is enough space. Set up a mini goal on each side of the biggest open area and let the ball rip at one another. You can also play a game with teams. It does not just have to be goalie wars. You do not have to worry about holding back since there is not much to break. You will never want that basement to get finished.

4. Extra Time at Work. Break out the mini sticks and mini goal and have a quick pass or a quick shoot out without having to worry about shattering windows. It will help you work on your game and help pass the dull extra time you have at work. Plus, you get in some physical exercise that you have might have been avoiding while sitting at your desk all day.

5. The Backyard.  You can start a fiddlestick backyard game with a regular sized goal or a mini goal. Again, like at the beach, you only need one goalie and play take back rules after a turnover.  Using fiddlesticks helps you play your favorite game without dressing up in all the pads or getting drilled by a hard lacrosse ball. The mini ball being used is a softer material. The players can decide the checking rules but there is nothing like coming out of a mini lacrosse victory with a few finger scrapes or bruises from accidental checks. The reward is well worth it.

6. Young Laxers. Put a stick in their hands early, one that they can handle - a fiddlestick. It will become their new favorite toy that they do not want to put down. They will begin to build their skills at a young age. You will see him grow up with an advantage over the other laxers his age.

Fiddlesticks are perfect almost anywhere.  Whether you want to grow your stick handling skills, have an entertaining time playing a miniaturized game, watch your young one grow up to be one of the greats, or just have extra time around the office or house, fiddlesticks and mini lacrosse sticks can be enjoyed many different ways. Now that you have some ideas of how to use them, get one right here, (, and go out have yourself a good time.