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When Should I Buy a Complete Stick vs. Building My Own?

The decision to buy or build your lacrosse stick may seem not important or simple, but there are many different factors that impact when it is best to purchase the complete stick vs. building one from different pieces.

Limiting Building at the Beginning

Building a complete lacrosse stick may not be as time consuming as it was in past generations, but it is still a process that requires knowledge of the game and all of the rules. Beginners should avoid building a lacrosse stick personally and opt for a completed stick.

Lacrosse sticks have changed and developed dramatically over the years. Before 1968, all sticks were made of wood and most took up to one year to produce. Stick now take less time to produce and are often made of different materials than in the past.

Building your own stick may seem as simple as adding the different parts to your shopping cart and hitting the submit button, there are many factors to consider. One must keep in mind that the standard size, head shape and other factors will vary based on the level of competition, the league and the gender of the player or team.

Beginners should pick out a lacrosse stick that is already completed to avoid any confusion about the size, diameter and shape of the stick. When purchasing a completed stick you must remember to purchase one that will conform to the standards set forth by their leagues governing rules and regulations.

Although it is best for beginners to buy a complete stick, intermediate and advanced players can purchase a complete stick if they are uncomfortable building their own.

Things to consider when building a stick

As we stated beginner lacrosse players should stick with a completed stick until they have a firm grasp on the game and start to learn their own personal preferences. Intermediate and advanced players who want to gain an advantage on their peers should consider building their own stick.

The first step is to research the rules/requirements for your league. Each league has different allowances for shaft heads, and stick requirements.

Once you have completed your research you know what is allowed you should consider what position you play. Lacrosse shafts range in length based off of the position. For men’s lacrosse, the length of the stick can range from 40 to 72 inches long and for women’s lacrosse; the length of the completed stick is usually between 35.5 and 52 inches. Youth players of any gender have more leeway when selecting the length because it is based on the player’s comfort level and size.

Once you have picked out a shaft you need to look for a head and any other accessories you would like to add to your stick. These accessories can give you an advantage over your opponents and help you become the best player you can be.

Determining when to buy a complete stick and when to build one depends on individual comfort levels, personal concerns and any problems that are associated with your current lacrosse stick. It is better to buy the completed lacrosse stick whenever you are unsure about rules and regulations since the sticks are pre-approved for specific leagues. It is better to build the lacrosse stick after establishing personal comfort levels, knowledge and learning all of the rules associated with the game.