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What to Look Forward to in 2014 in the Lacrosse World

Posted on October 25, 2013 by Lax World There have been 0 comments

2014 FIL Denver Logo

2014 is an exciting year for the lacrosse world. The Federation of International World Championship (FIL World Championship) is the largest international event in the lacrosse world. For the first time in history, this event is coming to the US and is taking place in Denver, Colorado. As an international event, more than 40 nations are expected to participate in this year’s championship game.

Bringing the Event to the United States

Although the United States has hosted the FIL World Championship in the past, the last time the games were held in the United States was 1998. Furthermore, the games have always been played on the East Coast.

The 2014 World Championship games are bringing the games to the western side of the country and providing an international flavor that is sure to provide an exciting experience for participants and viewers.

The FIL World Championship is a 10-day event that will start on July 10th, 2014 and carry forward to show various matches. Fans can watch the games live at the event in Denver or via live reports on television.

ESPN Coverage

The 2014 World Championship is not only historic for its location and size, but according to WorldLacrosse2014.com, US Lacrosse is partnering with ESPN to provide live coverage of the games throughout the season. With roughly 60 games taking place during the championship, ESPN is providing coverage across all of its major networks, and even ESPN3 will provide live coverage and reports of the games. ESPNU will also show the semifinals and championship games for viewers to enjoy at home.

Preparing for the Games

Preparations for the big event have already begun. The sponsor, US Lacrosse, is taking measures to ensure the comfort of different teams from around the world. Games will take place at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park and the stadium has already been reserved for the event.

While plans are well underway, Team USA has narrowed the list of players to 52 who have been named to the training roster and will compete for a spot on the 23-man roster. More than 90 players tried out for positions on Team USA. The initial tryouts are taking place in various locations around the country, but it will take time to finalize the team.


Further Lacrosse News

While the World Championship is a major event that is taking place in 2014, it is not the only big event in the lacrosse world. According to InsideLacrosse.com, the Denver Pioneers are expected to join the Big East for the lacrosse championship game in May.

The lacrosse world is seeing a major change in 2014. Sport fans can witness history in the making by watching the biggest lacrosse competition in the world, and seeing the changes that are taking place.



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