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A Beginner's Guide to Necessary Lacrosse Equipment

Posted on November 11, 2013 by Lax World There have been 0 comments

Have you ever wondered where lacrosse got its origins? Its origins date as far back as a Native American game played by young warriors to prepare them for battle when games could have 100 to 1,000 players. Today's version has 10 players per team and requires specific safety gear. Beginners should consider the following equipment to get started in Lacrosse:

Gloves: Hits on the hands are common in beginner lacrosse, so well padded lacrosse gloves are a must.

Arm and Elbow Pads: Protect the arms from opponents' slashing lacrosse sticks. Look for well padded but flexible dense foam arm pads for maximum protection.

Forearm Pads: These pads fill the gap between the gloves and the arm pads.

Cleats: High-top lacrosse cleats are designed to stay on during a game (versus cleats from other sports).

Shoulder Pads: These pads should fully protect the shoulders and also extend hard padding down the chest.

Rib Pads: Some players wear these to protect their ribs and kidneys from poke checks; however, some players find them to be too bulky.

Lacrosse Balls: Stock up on the hard rubber balls used in lacrosse for practice sessions.

Helmet: Protecting your head is crucial in this tough sport with lots of contact.

Mouth Guard: Protect the teeth from errant elbows and sticks; buy one that can attach to the helmet.

Groin Protection: Also known as a "cup", is vital for male players.

Lacrosse Stick: Beginner sticks have large, wide heads with soft mesh for easier catching; however, they offer less control and durability than an aluminum stick with hard mesh. Advanced lacrosse sticks have a titanium shaft, premium head, hard mesh and custom stringing.

Optional Items

Lacrosse Goal and Net: It’s always good to have your own lacrosse goal on hand so you can practice during your own free time.

Lacrosse Shooting Targets: Start learning to aim your shot and hit your corners with a Target to put in front of your goal.

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