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At Home Lacrosse Drills

Whether you are suffering from a lack of action during the off-season or just want to sharpen your lacrosse skill, doing a few rudimentary at home lacrosse drills can really improve your game. It’s always great to have a partner to practice with, but there are several drills designed for solo action that you can use at home to enhance your skills.

Wall Ball

Every lacrosse player has played catch with a wall, but this basic drill is the best way to improve your throwing, catching, and shooting skills. Wall ball simply involves bouncing the lacrosse ball off of the wall and catching with variations throughout. This drill is virtually mandatory for those who want to improve their hand-eye coordination and stick skills. Here are some wall ball pointers.

  • Bring several lacrosse balls with you to avoid spending the bulk of your practice time chasing down missed balls.
  • Use your gloves – you play with them on, so it makes sense that you should practice throwing and catching with them on.
  • Use both of your hands, even if you are weaker with one. After all, that’s why you are doing these sessions – to improve your skills.
  • Concrete and brick walls make the best backdrops for wall ball. Don’t use the garage door, as it will likely bend with the first toss. Lax wall rebounders are available at lacrosse retailers and sporting goods stores as well.
  • Find a spot on the wall and try hitting it every time to test and improve your shot accuracy.

Lax Speed & Agility Drills

If you have access to a few cones, or anything to mark distances, you can do several agility drills to enhance speed and quickness. Timed 40-yard dashes are excellent, as are suicide drills. Suicide drills require one to sprint 10 yards and return to the starting point, then immediately head back out extending each run by 10 additional yards. This really helps improve the ability to change directions quickly, which is a key component to playing the game well, and sprint for extended periods of time.

Set up two cones and sideways shuffle between them repeatedly without crossing your feet in the process to assist with better lateral movements. Stagger 6 to 8 cones and sprint in a zigzag pattern around them. This drill benefits all players, but offensive players in particular, as it improves quick direction changes.

With these fun and simple at home lacrosse drills, you can ramp up your game and improve your athletic ability on the field. Many players find this solo practice to be the ideal time to learn new skills and focus on improving weak areas of their game. Be the best player you can be by practicing.