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How to Properly String Your Lacrosse Head

Posted on November 15, 2013 by Lax World There have been 0 comments

Whether you play lacrosse professionally or are just improving your general lacrosse skills, one of the first things you want to learn is how to string a lacrosse head yourself. The process will vary slightly depending on what type of mesh you use, but it is definitely something that you can manage on your own in just a couple of minutes by following the below steps.

1)     If you've got a traditional mesh or soft mesh head, begin by folding the top row  down over the top of the second row. If you're using hard mesh, it will already be in the proper position.


How to properly string a Lacrosse Stick Head

2)     Next, use your fingers to thread the top of the string through the hole on the top of the sidewall. Gently push the string through the mesh hole on the first row of the head.

3)     Pull the string towards your body and loop it back through the same hole you just inserted the string into on the top hole of the sidewall. The mesh needs to be sitting as tight as possible to the sidewall of the lacrosse stick for maximum resilience during play.

4)     Check the fit to make sure that the mesh and string feel as secure as possible. If they feel a little loose, you may have to remove the string and start again.

5)     Once you're confident in the way all elements are sitting, feed the top of the string through the first of the large holes on the top of the head.

6)     Once you've done that, loop the string back around the top of the head and down through the second hole in the mesh.

7)     Repeat this process until you've inserted the string and looped it back through the remainder of the large holes on the lacrosse stick head.

8)     When you've reached the last hole on the sidewall, wrap the top string around that hole and under the last hole in your mesh. Then, feed the top string through the same hole. Pull the string tightly away from the lacrosse head and tie a knot in it.

Check your work and make sure that the mesh doesn't become separated from the head under pressure. If it does, remove the string and start from the beginning. If it doesn't, you're ready to show your lacrosse opponents exactly what you're made of during the next game.


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