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STX K18 Products on Sale at Lax World

STX K18 Products Now On Sale at Lax World
Sticks, pads, arm guards, shoulder pads, arm pads and more; lacrosse is a grueling, physical game. So, it only makes sense that if you play, you are protected as much as possible to avoid injury. That's where the STX K18 product line comes in. Inspired by Major League Lacrosse (MLL) player Kyle Harrison, the STX K18 line is considered "the best of the best" when it comes to lacrosse equipment. And now, this product line is available at Lax World!

Here's a closer look at some of the items on the STX K18 product line:

Arm guards: Lacrosse is a physical game where you are prone to hacking and whacking from opponents trying to move you off the ball. That's why a quality arm guard is crucial - so that padding absorbs these stick checks (as opposed to your arms!).. The STX K18 arm guards are non-slip, so they won't jostle up and down your arm during game action. They're also designed with what's called d3o technology, which provides better impact absorption than other types of pads.

Arm pads: If you need arm padding, but a smaller and more flexible option than arm guards, the STX K18 arm pads also feature d3o impact absorption technology in the areas that you want.

Shaft: Arguably, your most important piece of equipment is the stick shaft. You want it to be durable, yes - but you also want it to be lightweight so that in-game performance isn't hampered. The STX K18 shaft is ideal for players looking to upgrade from aluminum material. It's made of 7075 alloy and is an amazing stick shaft for players at youth through junior high levels.

Stick head: The stick head is another critical part to the overall lacrosse makeup. The STX K18 u-head is legal for all skill levels and features forward cant technology to allow for better accuracy on shots and passes. Specifically, the stick head is designed for the intermediate player or skill levels ranging from youth to high school.

Shoulder pads: Shoulder pads are important for the same reason that arm guards and arm pads are. The STX K18 model offers an elevated chest plate to help reinforce the chest protection of the pads. The shoulder pads are made of hard plastic shells and there are also adjustable straps for back protection. The upper arm pads are removable and adjustable. It's an ideal accessory for skill levels ranging from youth to high school.

Other products in the STX K18 line include gloves and different models of arm pads. Products are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are all available now at Lax World. This product line is among the best of the best for lacrosse players of all skill levels - and now you can see why. Don't just settle for any lacrosse equipment, get the best!

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