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This Season's Hottest Items

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Lax World There have been 0 comments

It’s almost lax season, and if you’re a lacrosse player (or you know one), it might be a good idea to make sure that there's a new stick or piece of apparel in time for the beginning of the season. While the winter season isn't completely gone, it's only a matter of time before spring arrives, and teams are back in action on the field. Why have something to be even more excited about come spring?

Here's a closer look at some of the hottest selling lacrosse items this season:

  • Twin City Graphite Player ID Single Sock: It's a mixture of comfort, safety and personalization with the Player ID Single Sock. For starters, it's made of a breathable mesh material, not only offering protection from all the elements of a lacrosse game, but also allowing for a comfortable feel with moisture control and blister protection. The sock is sold individually, so players can customize their look with their numbers. Each sock is just $4.99 each.
  • Men's Nike Vandal Shaft- Lax WorldNike Vandal Shaft: Designed for players competing from junior high to the collegiate level, the Nike Vandal Shaft features what's called "vanadium" technology, allowing for a superior strength-to-weight ratio; a perfect stick shaft for the midfielder or attacker. It costs $69.99, is available in multiple colors and is sure to compliment a lacrosse player with the strength, durability and feel that they're looking for in a stick shaft.
  • Maryland Flag Crew SocksMaryland Flag Crew Socks: As the only major college lacrosse team to have never finished a lacrosse season with a losing record, Maryland has become a fan favorite school for lacrosse players of all ages. And now, players have taken to showing their Maryland pride with flag crew socks. The Maryland flag logo is displayed on the front of the sock and the sock also features moisture and blister control in a breathable mesh fabric. The sock costs $9.99 apiece.
  • Nike Lacrosse T-Shirts: Let's face it; lacrosse is a tough sport to play. To play it well, you must be as well conditioned as a soccer player and as physical as a hockey or football player. That's why lacrosse shouldn't just be something that players are proud to be apart of on the field, but off the field as well. That's why Nike Lacrosse apparel makes such a good stocking stuffer. They're shirts, shorts and sweatshirts you can wear proudly out and about to show your love of the sport, as well as your passion for the game. With slogans like "Rip it Every Day" and "Fast or Last," not to mention the classic Nike "swoosh," you can show off your sport off the field wherever you go. Nike Lacrosse Shirts start at $25 at Lax World.

While the aforementioned are some of the most popular lacrosse products this year, there are hundreds more to choose from over at Lax World. For more information, and to browse gift ideas, contact Lax World or visit www.laxworld.com today.


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