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Defense Wins Games! – Tips on Defending the Crease

Defending the Crease
We know that as lax season starts up, you’re probably just getting your legs under you and getting back to game speed. Whether you’re practicing your scoop or memorizing plays, now is the ideal time to be getting back into your flow for the spring lacrosse season. As you already know, Lax World has got all the latest and greatest info to keep you on top of your game. Today’s lesson: defending the crease. This is a vital part of any game; if you leave your goal defenseless, odds are, you won’t fare very well against your opponent.

Here are a few points to keep in mind for those times when you’re engaged with an opponent at the crease.

Keep One Foot on the Crease

This one is really important. Placing your foot on the crease serves you in multiple ways. First off, it allows you to create a barrier for your opponent to get to the goal. Second, it gives you an idea of where the line is located without constantly looking behind you. In this position, the player attacking your goal is forced around you, giving you the opportunity to force them high and wide away from the goal.

Maintain an Athletic Stance

Allow your legs to be far apart and your waist to be centered. This will give you the ideal amount of speed and mobility to pursue your opponent. The attacker will try to get inside of you to position themselves for a shot – don’t let them! Keep your stick pressed against them in order to track their movements This stance offers agility, so keep an eye on the opponent’s waist, and you’ll be able to track their movements as well. Don’t be fooled by stick fakes and false looks. Trust us, the waist is the key.

Keep Your Head on a “Swivel”

This not only helps you scan the field, but can also throw off the opposing team to your strategy. Definitely a point to remember.


The team who is in constant communication tends to end up on top. Communication is essential if you want to walk away with the win. Keep your teammates informed on which player you’re going to defend, who has the ball, and any other information you think will lead your team to victory. Don’t forget to be organized in your communication, as too many players talking at once can be disruptive.

Now you’re ready to get out there and start forming your own defensive strategy for the crease! Just keep these points in mind, and you’ll be ready to go out on the field. Want more lacrosse tips? Check out the rest of our blog for awesome trade tricks, product info, and more.


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