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The Weather Is Cold, But Keep Your Game Hot with These Indoor Lacrosse Drills

Posted on March 11, 2014 by Lax World There have been 0 comments

Indoor Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse season is upon us! We might all be ready, but it doesn’t look like the weather has gotten the memo yet. Some areas of the country are still pretty cold – too cold to practice anything lax related outside. This could be bad news come game time. It’s likely that without any practice, your skills could get rusty. Even worse, you could be injured if you hop right back into lacrosse without having prepared your body. Here are some indoor lacrosse drills that you can practice to keep your skills hot while the weather is still cold.


Probably the most important of all is conditioning your body to get back in game shape. Without getting your muscles back into the habit of long hours of extreme exertion, you could incur a serious injury. Don’t let your season end before it gets started! Start out slow, and do any practice or drills in moderation. Make sure to stretch beforehand so that nothing gets hyperextended or pulled.

To improve your condition during the cold times, try running a bit around your home. A straight stretch of hallway is just fine for “suicide” drills, which involves running to and from varying, marked distances. Check out our past article to get some specifics on this agility drill.

If there is not enough space in your hallway for this type of practice, a set of stairs will do just fine. Running up and down the stairs is a great way to build cardiovascular stamina and endurance, which is essential to keep up with your opponents on the field.


Now that you’ve got your body in gear, time to refine those skills! Since lacrosse requires a wide range of motion, you’ll be limited in the number of drills you can run in your home. That isn’t to say that these same drills won’t be useful! Working on fundamentals is always a great way to increase your all around skill as a Laxer.


This one is a basic, but you can never be too good at it. Make sure you’re in full equipment to get a feel for what things will be like during the game. Get comfortable with your grip, as well as moving your wrist and arm in conjunction with one another.

To keep the ball from escaping, and being captured by your opponent, make sure to create as little bounce as possible in your stick. This can be done by using your top forearm as a hinge, and isolating its motion from the rest of your body.

Make sure to establish your stick is positioned horizontally when standing still, unless you are under pressure. When protecting against a defender, the stick should be vertical, and almost parallel with your body.


Carrying your stick around the house will help to improve stickhandling abilities, as you’ve got to avoid items and furniture everywhere. A loose ball could result in lots of broken things, so using something a bit larger (a tennis ball, maybe) could help to reduce the chances of this happening.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from being in top condition for lax season. With these indoor lacrosse drills, you’ll be more than ready to jump into practices, and to take on your opponents.


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