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Which Lacrosse Position Should I Play? (Boys’/Men’s Lacrosse)

lacrosse psition

Whether you’re just starting out as a lacrosse player, or you're an experienced player looking to try a new position, everyone knows that lacrosse is the ultimate test of teamwork, “the fastest sport on two feet,” and the best sport ever. It takes effort from everyone on the field to score, and it requires even more for the team to win. Having the right equipment and gear is just one part of a winning package. The other is putting players in the right position to succeed. From Attackers, to Defenders, Goalies, to Midfielders, every position has their own responsibilities in order to end up on top at the end of the game. Where do YOU lend your skills?

This week, we’re going to help you determine what position is best for you by breaking down each position on a boys’/men’s lacrosse team, and what skills are needed for each. Let’s get started.


A lacrosse attacker’s primary responsibility is to score goals. They spend most of their game time on the opponent’s side of the field, and rely on teammates to feed them the ball. As the saying goes, “The team with the most goals at the end of the game usually wins.”

This position requires lots of fancy footwork, as the most effective attackers can spin away from defenders, stick checks, and more. They also need to have a pretty good shot if they expect to score any goals; so good hand-eye coordination is essential for this position.



These players are often considered the unsung heroes of the team, the backbone of the team. Because scoring goals is flashy, they can frequently be given less credit than their offensive counterparts. Defense, however, is essential to victory. No matter how good your offense is, you’re going to need some skilled lax defensemen in your turf to hold the lead.

Some critical skills for the lacrosse defender include strength, to physically out-muscle and keep your opponents at bay, and good instincts to keep track of the opponents’ and anticipate their movements. This will also come in handy when it’s time to ignite the attack, and score a goal by starting the play.



This is probably one of the most dynamic positions on the field. Midfielders must always be prepared to adapt, and change the momentum of a game. They cover the most territory in the game, and can act as a part of the offense or defense at any given time.

To be a Midfielder, you’re going to need exceptional stick skills. From passing, to guarding and scooping, exceptional stick handling is a must for Midfielders. Feeding the ball to the Attackers is another responsibility in this role. You’ll also need to be able to quickly recognize situations, and how they develop – the Midfielder can be called into the battleground at any given moment. One of the most important traits for a midfielder is endurance. Because middies cover the most field, its important to be in shape.



No position is more scrutinized than a goalie. Known by all, feared by many, the Goalie can be thought of as a lone ranger in many ways. His primary responsibility is to prevent goals from being scored by stopping the ball from going into the net. A good goalie is able to start an offensive attack by moving the ball upfield to his offense after a stop.

As the Goalie, you must have quick reflexes to block shots, and good hand-eye coordination. Shots will find a way to get through to you from all thinkable directions and angles! You’ll also need good communication skills, as you have the best view of the field, to direct teammates on formation updates, to info about picks being set, the Goalie has a big job to do.

Lacrosse Goalie stance

Be sure to share this with all of your friends that are Laxers and non-Laxers alike, and grow the game!