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How Much Does it Cost to Play Lacrosse?

Set of men's lacrosse equipment

Between lacrosse sticks, helmets, arm and shoulder pads, athletic shoes, and gloves, outfitting the lacrosse player with the proper equipment can certainly add up. And while these large up-front expenses can be a preventing factor in taking up the sport for many, equipment today is being made at a higher quality than it ever has before, ensuring it lasts longer, so you’ll have to upgrade and replace less.

With that being said, here’s a quick pricing guide to lacrosse equipment:

The Stick

The lacrosse stick is the most important part of a laxer’s arsenal, and should be the starting point when you’re shopping for gear. Most experienced lacrosse players purchase their stick heads and stick shafts separately to further customize it to their personal preferences, but it is possible to buy complete lacrosse sticks, typically starting around $40. The majority of laxers, however, elect to purchase their head and shafts separately. It’s typically more expensive – heads range anywhere from $35 to over $100 and shafts are divided by position (midfield, attack, goalie and defense). Like heads, prices on shafts range, typically beginning around $60 to upwards of $100.

The Helmet

Helmets are essential for lax men. It should be noted that women lacrosse players aren’t required by rule to wear helmets, as there’s no checking in the women’s game and therefore no sticks are usually in or around the head area. But like we said, helmets are essential for men. They’re also likely to be the most expensive piece of equipment on your lacrosse shopping list. Even inexpensive helmets start in the neighborhood of $120, and top of the line, more advanced helmets typically ring in at over $200. It’s not an area of protection where you want to skimp, however, especially as more attention and research links long-term dangers of concussions and head injuries.


Although lacrosse gloves appear similar to hockey gloves, don’t think that they’re the same. Lax gloves provide enough protection to safeguard the hands, but they also permit flexibility. They’re also pretty expensive. It’s not uncommon to be able to find a name brand lacrosse glove for $50-60, but don’t be surprised if they’re a little stiff. For a better, more flexible glove, expect to pay upwards of $100.


Like helmets, protective padding is not mandatory for lady laxers, but it is mandatory for men lacrosse players. Arm and shoulder pads are some of the more affordable pieces of equipment for laxers. In terms of arm guards and pads, it’s not uncommon to find a quality pair in the$45 range. For shoulder pads, the prices vary a bit more, but it shouldn’t be difficult to get a decent pair in the $80 range.


Cleats are the best option for footwear, and shoes that are worn for either soccer or football should suffice just fine for lacrosse. You can also buy shoes specific to lacrosse, which range anywhere from $40 to over $100. As a note of caution, refrain from wearing baseball cleats while playing lacrosse, as those shoes are specifically intended for a dirt-playing surface – not a grass or turf one.

Other equipment to consider includes eye protectors (for women laxers), mouth guards, rib pads and equipment bags to haul all your gear. As you can see from this extensive list, lacrosse isn’t a cheap sport to play. But if you’re going to play it, it’s important to play it right and with the appropriate equipment.