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Brand Spotlight: What's Hot in the STX Product Line?

STX Lacrosse LogoSTX is a Baltimore-based company that manufactures world-class equipment for all levels of play. Many of these designs offer technology that improves your game or safety equipment that allows you the freedom to play at your best without restricting you.


STX AMP Shaft is designed for male, youth players in casual games. These are awesome sticks for beginners, and they come in three sizes. The 30-inch stick was designed for the midfield and those players on offense. The 40-inch stick is designed for goalies. The 60-inch stick is designed for those players on defense. The 6000 Alloy STX AMP Shaft makes the base for outstanding lacrosse sticks. For the more serious side of lacrosse sticks, the STX Alliance Shaft is available. It is designed with flex-tech that helps to increase the perfection while optimizing performance. The STX Alliance Shaft is available in three different strengths. The 160 is the most rigid; the 135 is the middle-range flex and the 85 is the most flexible. The power here is that players can choose a shaft that best fits their playing style and position. This is a technology that works with you to improve your game.

STX Lacrosse has two heads for shafts. Those are the STX Eclipse Head and the STX Goalmaster head. The STX Eclipse Head is designed for all levels of play. The open sidewall allows fast and easy maneuverability, and adds to player control. This head is designed with a streamlined scoop for easy field play. The STX Goalmaster is a head that is designed for beginners, but built to be proficient at collegiate-grade games. The gatekeeper of heads is the STX Proton Power 2 Head, which uses C-Channel tech to give more structural strength without making things heavier. The design adds power for shooting, and features STX Forward Cant Tech, too.

Playing the game is one thing, but STX safety equipment is designed to keep you in the game for as long as you need to be. The STX Agent Rib Pads are created using breathable mesh in a vest design that is practical and functional. The high-impact hacks keep you safe while protecting your ribs. A great plus is that there is no binding, as the elastic straps give as you flex and are easily adjustable for a perfect fit. This is an outstanding product for youth through high school levels of play. An alternative to the STX Agent Rib Pads is the STX Stinger Chest Protector, which offers rib and sternum protection. The straps are easy to adjust, and this product is rated for youth though High School league play.

STX Stinger Arm Pads are designed for the beginner player in any field position. The heavy padded front protects while the easy grip sleeve allows for the ultimate freedom of movement. Couple the STX Stinger Arm Pads with the STX Stinger Shoulder Pad. These pads offer wicking technology to keep you drier. The high-impact molding assures total protection, while the soft lining allows you a full range of motion.

Goalies need protection too, and the STX Lacrosse Goalie Pant is perfect for protecting the abdomen, groin, and thighs. The thick padding assures outstanding protection, without binding or causing restricted reactions. STX also offers the STX Youth Goalie Pant, which features a split padding layout that protects the thighs, hips, and groin. The drawstring leg openings help to ensure the perfect pit without binding.