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Lacrosse Apparel

  • Lax World Now Offers Adrenaline Lacrosse Gear

    Adrenaline Crest

    Lax World would like to welcome Adrenaline Lacrosse to its supported line of top-performing lacrosse apparel companies. We are currently selling Adrenaline’s Carlsons, Rasta, Director, and Data  sock collections, but will carry even more products in 2013. Continue reading

  • Lacrosse Glove Buying Guide


    glove buying guide

    Lax gear is important. Not just to keep players safe, but to provide optimal performance potential. Pads, helmets, apparel – the best products are built so you don’t even feel like you’re wearing them. Continue reading

  • A Beginner's Checklist for Lax Gear

    Learning Lacrosse

    So you've decided you want to play lacrosse? You want to fly down the field, dodging defenders, making impossible passes and eventually putting the ball in the back of the net. Or you want to lay down the meanest checks, annihilating oncoming attackmen and middies. Or maybe you find your sanctuary between the pipes, stopping oncoming shots and holding the game in your hands. Continue reading

  • Lacrosse Shoes for OFF the field Swag

    Lacrosse cleats are lightweight, yet tough; built to give you blazing speed, precision cuts and last you through countless practices and games. For years, your favorite brands like Warrior Lacrosse and Nike Lacrosse have made great cleats that have made them a force to be reckoned with across multiple sports.

    But lacrosse manufacturers make sweet shoes for OFF the field, as well. These are built to give you comfort, style and smooth swag like no other footwear can. Sandals, sneakers and slip-ons give you a new look, feel and style from familiar names in the fastest sport on two feet.

    Nike Lacrosse Air Max 90
    Nike Lacrosse Air Max 90 - Nike Lacrosse Shoes - Lacrosse Apparel
    For years, Nike has made some of the most stylish shoes in all markets. On the field, Nike also has a steady history of producing top-of-the-line cleats and some of the best athletic shoes in the game. Now, Nike Lacrosse has broken through to the mainstream and made one of the hottest lacrosse shoes for everyday wear. The Air Max 90 takes the hot, colorful lacrosse style off the field and onto the street.

    Warrior Rasta Shoes
    Warrior Rasta Hound Dog Shoe - Warrior Lacrosse - Lacrosse Apparel
    Warrior has always been one of the quintessential lacrosse manufacturers; gear of all kinds has come out from Warrior’s warehouse with great success. One of Warrior’s greatest accomplishments has been their break though in Rasta Lacrosse styles. First it was the Warrior Swag Slip-On, which defined lacrosse footwear off the field. But since then, the Warrior Rasta Hound Dog Shoe and Warrior Riot Rasta Slide have emerged as serious contenders in the Lacrosse shoe and sandal game.

  • Girl's Lacrosse Gear: No Boys Club

    June 23, 1972 - No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

    It’s been forty years since Title IX opened up countless doors for female athletes on all levels. Over the last four decades girls’ high school sports has grown almost ten-fold. Naturally, there’s also been a corresponding growth on the college level, with 10 times the number of female college athletes as there were in 1972 when the act was passed.

    As lacrosse grows rapidly around the US, it’s especially astounding to see how far women’s lacrosse has come as it evolves just as rapidly as the boys’ game. As both games evolve, so does their lacrosse gear. Girls’ lacrosse equipment caters specifically to the girls’ game from girls’ lacrosse sticks, to lacrosse goggles and even a unique take on lacrosse apparel.

    In honor of four decades of progress, Lax World salutes some of our favorite Women’s Lax college programs – including this year’s champ, Northwestern!

    Northwestern Wildcats
    Northwestern Women's Lacrosse - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

    John Hopkins Blue Jays
    Hopkins Women's Lacrosse - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

    Maryland Terrapins
    Maryland Lacrosse Shorts - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

    Syracuse Orange
    Syracuse Women's Lacroose - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

    Virginia Cavaliers
    Virginia Women's Lacrosse - Girls Lacrosse Gear - Lacrosse Apparel

  • Boh Knows Lacrosse

    Baltimore – the Land of Pleasant Living.  Many consider this city to be the lax capital of the world. Sure, the last decade has seen the sport grow across the country, from New England to the Colorado. But many (outside of Virginia) would argue that Maryland is the heart of the national lacrosse community.  After all, it’s the state’s official team sport.

    Is there a better brand, symbol or image to represent this city than Mr. Boh of National Bohemian fame? Natty Boh lacrosse gear captures the essence of this city and gives lacrosse fans in Maryland and beyond an icon they can hold on to. Lacrosse apparel that bare Mr.Boh’s face (from shirts to socks to shorts) has taken off in popularity from coast to coast. Here are some of our personal favorites from Lax World:

    Natty Boh Lax Shirt - Lacrosse Apparel - Lax World

    Natty Boh Lacrosse Socks - Lacrosse Apparel - Lax World

    Natty Boh Lax Shorts - Lacrosse Apparel - Lax World

  • Lax Performance Apparel: Stay Cool Under Pressure

    Summer is here – for some of you that means it’s time to hang up the jerseys and lacrosse pads until next season. But for many of you – the offseason means it’s time to sweat even more. Think about how many sports greats have given inspirational quotes saying how important the offseason is:

    “I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'. “
    - Muhammad Ali

    “It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”
    Babe Ruth

    “I'm not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat.”
    Michael Jordan

    Whether you’re at lacrosse camp, playing in club or travel leagues, or just out on the field by yourself running gassers and taking shots on an empty net; if you’re working hard in the offseason, you’re going to sweat.

    Performance apparel & gear is key during the warmer months – you need apparel that wicks away moisture and is engineered for maximum control and comfort. Cotton can be killer if you’re sweating hard, especially if you’ve got pads on.

    Tech Polo - Performance Apparel - Warrior LacrosseWarrior lacrosse has mastered the art of performance gear and tech shirts. Designed to keep you cool on the field with Warrior Short Sleeve Training Tops and off the field with the Warrior Tech Polo.

    Stay cool while you work hard and have fun this offseason. Whether you’re playing year-round or just getting ready for next season, you can still look good while you sweat away the dog days of summer.

  • Maryland Lacrosse Jerseys: Available in Store at Participating Lax World's

    Anybody check out the Maryland v. Hopkins game Saturday? What'd you think of those Maryland Jerseys?

    Maryland Lacrosse Jersey


    Continue reading

  • College Lacrosse: 2012 Tewaaraton Award Watch List

    Last month, the Tewaarton Award Committee announced their initial watch list for this season's Most Valuable College Lacrosse Player.

    A month into the season and the Lax Community has seen old favorites shine - like defending award-winner Steele Stanwick of Virginia Lacrosse; while some have suffered setbacks, like Rob Pannell from Cornell Lacrosse who broke his foot last week.

    As the season goes on we will update the watch list, but until then, we want to make sure you're able to find your favorite lacrosse apparel and lacrosse gear from your favorite teams, here on

    Army Lacrosse
    Army Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Garrett Thul, Attack
    Tim Henderson, Defense

    Carolina Lacrosse

    Carolina Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Nick Galasso, Attack
    Jack McBride, Attack/Midfield

    Cornell Lacrosse
    Cornell Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Roy Lang, Midfield
    Robert Pannell, Attack

    Duke Lacrosse
    Duke Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Justin Turri, Midfield
    CJ Costabile, Long Stick Midfield

    Hofstra Lacrosse
    Hofstra Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Steve Serling, Midfield
    Ian Braddish, Midfield

    Hopkins Lacrosse
    Hopkins Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    John Ranagan, Midfield
    Pierce Bassett, Goalie

    Maryland Lacrosse
    Maryland Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Curtis Holmes, Midfield

    Navy Lacrosse
    Navy Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Nikk Davis, Midfield
    Sam Jones, Attack

    Syracuse Lacrosse
    Syracuse Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    JoJo Marasco, Midfield/Attack
    Brian Megill, Defense
    Tim Desko, Attack

    Virginia Lacrosse
    Navy Lacrosse Gear - Lax Gear - Lax World
    Steele Stanwick, Attack (Defending Tewaaraton Winner)
    Colin Briggs, Midfield
    Chris LaPierre, Midfield

  • Coming Soon: Warrior Burn 5.0 Mother's Day Cleats

    Warrior Lacrosse Shoes - Lax World

    Warrior BURN 5.0 Mother’s Day Tribute Cleat

    Official Shoe to be worn by Princeton Lacrosse, Denver Lacrosse, Hofstra Lacrosse, and the Warrior Players Club for the month of May.

    5% of the profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness

    Warrior Lacrosse Cleats - Lax World

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