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Lacrosse Gear

  • Meet Paul Rabil at Lax World Columbia, Maryland on November 10, 2012

    Rabil Headshot

    Meet Paul Rabil at Lax World's Columbia, Maryland store November 10, 2012. The MLL MVP and former Hopkins Lacrosse Star will be signing autographs, taking pictures and showing off the new line of Rabil Warriror Lacrosse Gear. Check out the new Rabil Lacrosse Head, as well as the rest of Warrior's collection built specifically for Paul. Continue reading

  • Lacrosse Arm Pad/Guard Guide

    Brine Padding

    You know lacrosse gear is important, but not all gear is made the same. Your position, style of play, age group and experience level can often determine what gear is best for you. Continue reading

  • Cascade Pro 7: The Ultimate Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade Pro 7 - Lacrosse Helmets
    Cascade has been on top of the game for a long time when it comes to making some of the most nicely designed and highly engineered lacrosse helmets. The Cascade Pro 7 is not necessarily the newest helmet on the market, but the latest editions of the super-customizable helmet offer the same performance you’ve come to expect from Cascade, with upgrades to offer even greater protection. Continue reading

  • Introducing the Rabil X Head

    Paul Rabil - Lacrosse Heads - Lax World

    Warrior Lacrosse and Paul Rabil have done it again. This time, the two lacrosse giants have combined forces to create the latest innovation in lacrosse stick technology. Continue reading

  • Lacrosse Glove Buying Guide


    glove buying guide

    Lax gear is important. Not just to keep players safe, but to provide optimal performance potential. Pads, helmets, apparel – the best products are built so you don’t even feel like you’re wearing them. Continue reading

  • A Beginner's Checklist for Lax Gear

    Learning Lacrosse

    So you've decided you want to play lacrosse? You want to fly down the field, dodging defenders, making impossible passes and eventually putting the ball in the back of the net. Or you want to lay down the meanest checks, annihilating oncoming attackmen and middies. Or maybe you find your sanctuary between the pipes, stopping oncoming shots and holding the game in your hands. Continue reading

  • Lacrosse Stick FAQs

    Lacrosse Sticks - Lax Gear -




    The most essential piece of lacrosse equipment is not the pads, helmets or gloves.  It’s the stick. Continue reading

  • Goalie Gear Guide

    The goalie is one of the most important positions on the lacrosse field. Goalies are usually the only player to stay on the field for a full 60 minutes and stand as the last line of defense between the pipes. In addition to a different set of responsibilities, goalies also carry a modified set of gear.

    The essentials are usually the same. Goalies still wear cleats, jerseys, helmets, pads, mouth guards, etc. But because they don’t tend to run much or get checked, lacrosse equipment and apparel tend to slightly vary from attack, middies and defenders.


    The most obvious difference between goalies and other players is their lacrosse stick. Goalie lacrosse heads have a crosse head (the netted portion with which you catch and throw the ball) between 10 and 12 inches wide at its widest point, and may be as long as 16 1/2 inches. While offensive players carry sticks with shafts closer to 40 inches and defensive long poles can measure up to 72 inches, goalie lacrosse sticks can measure as short as 40 inches and as long as 72.

    Goalie lacrosse pads are meant to keep them safe from 100 mph shots, not necessarily from checks. Because of the different risks goalies face, their protective equipment slightly differs. Goalies are required to wear a throat guard and chest protectors as well as a helmet and gloves. Chest protectors cover from the bottom of the neck to the player’s waist, with straps to customize and adjust the fit. Throat protectors, as you may have guessed, protect the player’s neck, just below his helmet.

    Goalie lacrosse apparel is typically the same as other players. The only real difference is that goalies tend to wear sweat pants, while running players do not. Because goalies are not constantly moving up and down the field, they don’t generate the same body heat that attackmen and midfielders do. Goalies also gain a slight advantage with sweatpants because they’re able to tangle up low shots and help prevent shots in the “five hole.”

  • Lacrosse Pad Buying Guide

    When everyone in your sport flies down the field at top-flight speed, it’s likely players will registers some hardcore checks and collisions. To say lacrosse is a physical sport, is an understatement. Football is a physical sport, soccer is a physical sport; lacrosse is a high-octane, thrill ride where you take the physicality of most contact sports and pit highly-tuned athletes against each other…and give them weapons.

    That being said, in order to continue lacrosse’s exponential growth in popularity, the game needs to take care of its players. It’s awful hard to grow a sport where guys are killing each other game in and game out. Protective lacrosse equipment is critical to the game. If highly engineered athletes are going hard at each other, they need to be protected by highly engineered equipment.

    Lacrosse pads from top to bottom are critical to players of all shapes, sizes and experience levels.

    Shoulder Pads
    Shoulder Pads - Lacrosse Pads

    Lacrosse shoulder pads are probably the most important piece of protective gear for many lacrosse players. Offensive players, attackmen and midfielders get checked the most, and shoulder pads help protect some of your most vitals organs and the muscular-skeletal around them. Dislocated shoulders and broken ribs are not fun and they keep you out of the game for some time. Defenders want to protect themselves, but do most of the checking and would prefer pads that are lightweight and unobtrusive.

    Shoulder Pad Liner
    Shoulder Pad Liner - Lax Gear

    While they don’t offer the same protection as full shoulder pads, some players prefer to play or practice with shoulder pad liner. This allows them to move quickly, without the weight of pads on their shoulders. Shoulder pad liners are especially popular when practicing in high heat, as they let air move freely, without trapping your body heat under your gear.

    Rib Pads
    Rib Pads - Lacrosse Equipment

    On the contrary, rib pads are for they players that want more protection than provided by shoulder pads alone. Rib pads serve the aggressive players that don’t shy from contact, protecting the area below shoulder pads. Depending on how they’re constructed, rib pads wrap around your lower torso to protect areas around your kidneys, lower ribs, hips, and side.

  • Lacrosse Shoes for OFF the field Swag

    Lacrosse cleats are lightweight, yet tough; built to give you blazing speed, precision cuts and last you through countless practices and games. For years, your favorite brands like Warrior Lacrosse and Nike Lacrosse have made great cleats that have made them a force to be reckoned with across multiple sports.

    But lacrosse manufacturers make sweet shoes for OFF the field, as well. These are built to give you comfort, style and smooth swag like no other footwear can. Sandals, sneakers and slip-ons give you a new look, feel and style from familiar names in the fastest sport on two feet.

    Nike Lacrosse Air Max 90
    Nike Lacrosse Air Max 90 - Nike Lacrosse Shoes - Lacrosse Apparel
    For years, Nike has made some of the most stylish shoes in all markets. On the field, Nike also has a steady history of producing top-of-the-line cleats and some of the best athletic shoes in the game. Now, Nike Lacrosse has broken through to the mainstream and made one of the hottest lacrosse shoes for everyday wear. The Air Max 90 takes the hot, colorful lacrosse style off the field and onto the street.

    Warrior Rasta Shoes
    Warrior Rasta Hound Dog Shoe - Warrior Lacrosse - Lacrosse Apparel
    Warrior has always been one of the quintessential lacrosse manufacturers; gear of all kinds has come out from Warrior’s warehouse with great success. One of Warrior’s greatest accomplishments has been their break though in Rasta Lacrosse styles. First it was the Warrior Swag Slip-On, which defined lacrosse footwear off the field. But since then, the Warrior Rasta Hound Dog Shoe and Warrior Riot Rasta Slide have emerged as serious contenders in the Lacrosse shoe and sandal game.

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