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Lacrosse Gear

  • Finding Your Perfect Lacrosse Shaft

    lacrosse shaft

    Choosing the right lacrosse shaft to go with the head of the lacrosse stick is largely a matter of personal preference. However, there are certain factors to be considered, including the position you play, your lacrosse association’s regulations, how the lacrosse stick feels in your hands, and your skill level. Continue reading

  • Best Selling Lacrosse Gloves

    Maverik lacrosse player shooting

    One of the most important pieces of protective equipment is the lacrosse glove. While they may look like gloves in other sports, lacrosse gloves are different, both in design and in purpose. The trick to getting the right gloves for lacrosse is knowing what to look for and, more importantly, choosing the right place to buy them.Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, Lax World is your best lacrosse gear source. Continue reading

  • Buyers Guide: Girls Lacrosse Gear

    Girls Lacrosse Protective Gear

    Girls lacrosse is an exciting and enjoyable sport, but you need the proper gear to protect yourself while you play. The lacrosse gear you will need varies based on the position you play. Below is some helpful information you can use to ensure that you buy all of the girls lacrosse gear you need to stay active and safe while out on the field.

    Protective Gear

    Women's lacrosse doesn't include as much contact as men's lacrosse, so less protective gear is required to keep players safe. In most leagues, mouth guards and eye goggles are the only items of protective gear required for play. However, most players also invest in gloves to protect their hands.

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    Mouth guards for women are strapless and mold to the shape of each player's mouth. A variety of sizes and styles are available based on your preferences. After purchasing a mouth guard you can mold it to your mouth by boiling it in water until it becomes soft and then biting down on it to create the right shape. A properly fitted mouth guard is crucial for protecting your teeth and mouth correctly.


    Many different styles of goggles are available to protect your eyes during play. When choosing your goggles, make sure that the pair you select meets legal specifications, provides ample visibility and fits comfortably. Most players agree that goggles with silicone padding like the DeBeer Lucent SI Goggles are most comfortable and fit more securely.


    Though gloves are not required for most women's leagues, they provide protection and comfort for the hands. They are also helpful for gripping the stick when the weather is wet or cold. When choosing gloves, look for a pair that is padded on the back of the thumb and hand for better protection. Make sure that the gloves you purchase aren't too thick or heavy, as this will reduce flexibility. Finally, make sure that the wrist closure is secure and functions properly.


    Cleats are not usually required by league rules, but they can be very helpful on the field. Traction is important in lacrosse, and girls lacrosse cleats can provide the stability needed for running on virtually any surface. Choose cleats that fit comfortably and grip the ground well without sticking.

    Extra Gear for Goalies

    If you are playing girls lacrosse as a goalie, you will need some additional protective gear, including body pads and goalie gloves.


    Helmets are the most important piece of protective gear for a female goalie. You want to make sure the helmet fits your head snugly, yet does not press against your skull. Manufacturers offer recommendations for helmet size so make sure to look at those before deciding. A helmet that is too big will readjust as you play, making you more susceptible to injury, whereas a helmet that is too tight can cause headaches.

    Body Pads

    Body pads are designed to protect your body from the impact of any shots that may hit you. Choose strong foam pads that fit you well without restricting your movement too much. It's also wise to choose pads with a ventilated fabric to wick moisture away from your skin and keep you more comfortable.

    Goalie Gloves

    Goalie gloves closely resemble field gloves, but they provide even more protection for the thumb. Goalie Gloves are also more effective for absorbing impact. Though they may be more expensive, it's typically wise to choose a higher end glove. More expensive gloves typically offer more comfort, flexibility and protection. They are also more durable. However, if you cannot afford a higher end glove, basic gloves will provide the protection you need to play the game.

    You can purchase all of the necessary girls lacrosse gear from the girls lacrosse section of

  • Essential Lacrosse Protective Gear

    STX Lacrosse Protective Gear

    Injuries ranging in severity from minor abrasions to head trauma are known to occur in lacrosse. But with the help of top lacrosse protective gear, you can defend vulnerable areas of your body. Continue reading

  • Choosing the Best Lacrosse Helmets

    Lacrosse Helmet

    Safety should be a top priority in terms of properly outfitting a lacrosse player with proper protective gear. The most important part of the body you need to keep safe is the head. That’s why lacrosse helmets are mandatory for all levels of men’s lacrosse in the United States. Continue reading

  • Introducing the Brine Clutch Elite Head

    Brine Clutch Elite Head

    Brine is excited to announce the latest head in the Brine Clutch family: the Clutch Elite. The newest addition to the already top-selling Clutch product line is the lightest head to date. Continue reading

  • Introducing The A1 Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse

    Maverik A1 Shaft

    Maverik recently introduced their lightest lacrosse stick to date – the Maverik A1 Shaft. The two characteristics of the best lacrosse sticks for serious lax players are strength and weight. The stronger and lighter the feel of the pole, the more control the player has. The new technology put into this shaft from the experts at Maverik allows the player complete control of a lighter lacrosse stick without worrying about too heavy a grip. The A1Rium material allows this pole to weigh in at only 5.4 ounces, making it one of the lightest and best lacrosse shaft options in the market.

    Strength should never be compromised in a stick, and although light, this stick is strong! Instead of the normal hexagon shape found on most sticks, the Maverik A1 Shaft adds concave grooves to the pole’s two longest sides. This in turn helps with thumb placement and minimalizes the touch points to your hand, which can ultimately improve grip.

    Not only is this stick lighter and stronger, but it is also allows for a better grip. The new Grit Grip is made from bead-blasted technology, allowing for a tape-like feel without the need or use of tape. The pole has a sandpaper feel that can be felt even with gloves on. This feel allows for a natural grip while also permitting your hands to slide naturally.

  • Meet Paul Rabil at Lax World Columbia, Maryland on November 10, 2012

    Rabil Headshot

    Meet Paul Rabil at Lax World's Columbia, Maryland store November 10, 2012. The MLL MVP and former Hopkins Lacrosse Star will be signing autographs, taking pictures and showing off the new line of Rabil Warriror Lacrosse Gear. Check out the new Rabil Lacrosse Head, as well as the rest of Warrior's collection built specifically for Paul. Continue reading

  • Lacrosse Arm Pad/Guard Guide

    Brine Padding

    You know lacrosse gear is important, but not all gear is made the same. Your position, style of play, age group and experience level can often determine what gear is best for you. Continue reading

  • Cascade Pro 7: The Ultimate Lacrosse Helmet

    Cascade Pro 7 - Lacrosse Helmets
    Cascade has been on top of the game for a long time when it comes to making some of the most nicely designed and highly engineered lacrosse helmets. The Cascade Pro 7 is not necessarily the newest helmet on the market, but the latest editions of the super-customizable helmet offer the same performance you’ve come to expect from Cascade, with upgrades to offer even greater protection. Continue reading

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