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Lacrosse News

  • Custom Stringing Now Available at Lax World

    Brine Clutch 3 Custom String

    You know that feeling of buying a new lacrosse head?

    It's an awesome feeling for sure. The best feeling is when you get the head and you open it. You look at the sidewall holes. You inspect the throat. You give it a nice squeeze and bend... but something's just... missing.

    The something that's missing? An expertly crafted string job. Starting today, you no longer have to feel that gaping void. You can now get custom stringing at Lax World and save yourself the trouble of taking it to a person who strings or even more tediously...stringing it yourself (cue horror music).

    You can choose from our amazing selection of lacrosse heads and get a great string job for a little extra.

    Just imagine it: Red East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh in a Nike CEO head with Red East Coast Dyes Hero String Sidewalls. Add in a nice mid pocket and you've got an awesome head perfect for tearing through defenses.

    It doesn't just have to be limited to East Coast Dyes or even the color red. If you can dream it, you can build it.

    Why don't you try it out today? Go on over to our heads section and get your custom head just in time for the lacrosse season.

    Stay tuned, we're going to be having goalie and women's heads with the ability for custom stringing real soon.

  • Preparing for a MLL Championship: Q&A with Tommy Kelly

    With the MLL 2016 Championship game right around the corner, we wanted to take the opportunity to ask our very own Huntington, NY store manager Tommy Kelly some questions about being on the Denver Outlaws MLL team. Kelly is currently in his rookie season with Denver, after previously playing at Virginia. Shortly after he started playing for Denver, Kelly became the manager of the Lax World Huntington location. We are certainly thankful for Kelly’s knowledge and love of the game, as well as his dedication to growing and promoting lacrosse. Kelly not only plays but also coaches at FogoLax, where they specialize in face-off instruction. As far as this weekend’s game is concerned, we got the inside scoop on Kelly as well as some insight into the MLL. Here’s some of what he had to say:

    Q: How are you and your teammates preparing for your championship game against Ohio?

    A: Hydrating, sticking to the game plan, taking care of our bodies, preparing mentally, and trying to stay focused. We’re treating this game the same way we treat every game.

    Q: In what ways has the game of lacrosse changed since you started playing?

    A: Starting at the age of 4, I’ve been through tons of rule changes; shot clock changes and annual face-off changes. And the game has continually gotten more competitive. Playing with some of the best players on earth is a huge experience as well. I’m lucky to have played with guys I used to look up to as a kid.

    Q: What advice do you have for young players?

    A: The term “hard work pays off” is 100% true. If you find your niche and find what you’re good at and work towards it, you’re going to achieve it.

    Q: How is being on a competitive team similar to being a manager?

    A: It’s all very communication based, you have to be able to talk to people in a proper manner and work as a unit.

    Q: What pregame routines do you have?

    A: Faceoff reps before every game! I always take an electrolyte tablet before a game too, it’s kind of mental, if I don’t have it I freak out a little.

    Q: What is your most rewarding lacrosse experience?

    A: As of right now, winning two championships. One in high school with Rocky Point (NY), playing with awesome players (some of them play MLL now too) and the second in college, playing for a national championship when we won in 2011.

    Q: What is some of your favorite gear? What stick and pads do you play with?

    A: I use all STX equipment at the moment, I play with an STX Duel stick, and STX gloves & elbow pads. Cleats are either Warrior or New Balance.

    Q: What is your favorite off season activity?

    A: Snowboarding or skiing. They’re both enjoyable and relaxing!

  • Lancaster Grand Opening Recap

    As the game of lacrosse spreads, we’ve made it our goal to expand and continue to fill customer's needs. First stop on the Spring 2016 expansions: Lancaster, PA. The location had its grand opening just last weekend and is now open daily 10AM to 7PM. Located right across from Park City Mall on Plaza Boulevard, this is the first location to be co-branded with Field Hockey World.

    The grand opening event featured vendors, deals, and giveaways. Nike, STX, True Lacrosse, and East Coast Dyes all donated their time and products to show their support. Partnering with those brands, we gave away STX field hockey sticks, a complete STX women’s lacrosse stick, a STX men’s lacrosse head, True Lacrosse shafts, East Coast Dyes shafts, and a variety of Nike performance apparel and accessories. Over 200 people turned out for the event throughout the day and everyone went home happy. With the opening of our Lancaster store, southeastern Pennsylvania athletes won’t have to travel far to fill their lacrosse and field hockey needs. Lax World offers both mens and womens apparel, footwear, team stores, accessories, and lacrosse services. Our educated staff are happy to help make decisions and offer information. Since 1988, Lax World has been the world’s largest lacrosse specialty superstore and we’re excited to spread our love of Lacrosse even more. Next stop for grand openings: Long Island, NY. Check us out our website and other social media pages for more information on Long Island and other future locations.

  • Lax World Plants Trees for Earth Day 2016

    Earth Day is a day that’s overlooked. That’s pretty unfortunate considering we only have one planet. After all, you can’t play lacrosse without it!

    We’ve made a lot of progress over the years economically, socially, and politically, but our environmental progress has a long way to go to catch up. We’ve experienced a huge population boom in the past decades and it’s been taking a toll on the planet.

    shutterstock_141809926We at Lax World realize the importance of having a planet that’s sustainable for not only us, but for future generations. That’s why we dedicated the entire Earth Day weekend towards donating a portion of sales to the “Plant A Billion” project by the Nature Conservancy. This project is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and planting forests worldwide in locations as diverse as the United States, China, and South America.

    Any purchase you made during that time helped to plant a tree in a different region of the world. Not only were you stocking up on great lacrosse gear, you were helping a great cause as well!

    We know that we’re up against a huge task here. We’ve got a ton of different issues we’re facing – from climate change, to deforestation, to fossil fuel depletion. It took a lot of years to do damage to our planet and it will take a lot of years to repair it as well. It can be daunting – but you can do your part.

    Here’s some ways a lacrosse player can help the planet out in his or her own way.

    1. Give away old lacrosse equipment – A good way to get rid of old lax sticks, shafts, and heads is to just give it away. These sticks can be great for a rising player or someone who needs a new piece of gear to add to their arsenal. A used piece of equipment is better in the bag of a player than in a landfill.
    2. Carpool to games and practices – This not only saves on gas but it also cuts down on the amount of emissions in the environment. This has been a common practice for years but it may become an even more common now in the coming years.
    3. Donate to an environmental agency or volunteer – This is more of a personal choice. Another good way to help out the environment is to donate to an environmental agency or to even volunteer for one. There’s tons of volunteer opportunities in your own community. Search the organization you’d like to volunteer for and type in “volunteer” (ex: “Nature Conservancy Volunteer”) in Google.

    Helping the planet doesn’t just start on Earth Day. It starts with all of the small actions we take each and every day. Small efforts add up over time and in the end, we’ll be leaving a more verdant planet for everyone after us.


  • Lax World Announces acquisition of Breakaway Sports

    Lax World

    Lax World Announces acquisition of Breakaway Sports

    Deal will create one of the country’s largest lacrosse retailers

    Baltimore, MD and Denver, CO (January 26, 2016) -- Lax World, a specialty lacrosse retailer based in Baltimore, has acquired Denver-based lacrosse specialist, Breakaway Sports.  The deal will grow the combined company to 14 locations nationwide, expand its online presence and warehousing, and broaden the reach of its Team Sales division from coast to coast.

    Both companies have been servicing customers and helping to grow the game of lacrosse for a combined 48 years.  The deal will enable the combined company to provide more value to its customers and business partners, while extending its market reach to five key markets with plans to expand into several others.

    Frank Barbarino of Lax World said, “We are thrilled to be combining forces with Breakaway Sports. In addition to expanding our store base and team sales capabilities, we our adding a deep and talented group of professionals who are industry leaders in the lacrosse community.” I’m extremely thrilled that Phil McCarthy will be part of the management team as we continue our growth through more acquisitions and organically. Management members from both companies will work collaboratively to create a phased integration plan to join both entities onto one platform.

    Phil McCarthy, Founder and Owner of Breakaway Sports said, “This decision will transform the way we come to market for our customers and employees. This will maximize our potential and allow us to better compete in all sales channels in this evolving competitive environment. Mergers are mostly about the people, and we feel that we are coming together with a great group that will allow us to fully reach our potential to become the largest lacrosse specialty store in the country.”

    The combined company will have stores in Washington, Colorado, New York, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia.

    About Lax World

    Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Cockeysville, MD, Lax World has three decades of expert leadership. Lax World proudly serves its customers through retail stores, e-commerce, and a team sales division. The company transformed hands in 2013 from lacrosse icon and visionary Jim “Darky” Darcangelo by a new management team to take Lax World to the next level in the sport of Lacrosse.

    About Breakaway Sports

    Founded in 1996, and has stores in Washington, Colorado, New York, and Georgia. They have a strong focus on retail and a national presence in team sales. It has prided itself on supporting the growth of the game in many non-traditional markets.

  • 2016 LaxCon Update

    Lax World regrets to announce that due to the incoming winter weather we will be unable to attend the LaxCon 2016 event, Jan 22-23. We hope you will understand the circumstances under which we have taken this decision and we apologize for the inconvenience. Your safety is of utmost importance and concern for us.

    If you scheduled a meeting with our Team during the LaxCon event we would be happy to reschedule, our representatives will be reaching out to you. Please look for an email from us soon.

  • Nike/Lacrosse Magazine Women's Div. 1 Preseason Top 20

    Maryland, led by senior midfielder Taylor Cummings, is looking to win its third Women's Div. 1 Lacrosse championship in a row. Rounding out the Top 5 are North Carolina, Syracuse, Stony Brook, and Northwestern.

    women 2016


    Cummings, the first collegiate Lacrosse player to win the Tewaaraton three times, led Maryland in points (100), assists (37), draw controls (143), ground balls (41) and caused turnovers (36).


  • Plant Trees While You Shop - Earthday 2015

    As a special promotion leading up to Earth Day, LAX World will be donating a tree for every online order this weekend.


    From lacrosse balls to sticks - every order will help replant forests around the world. This special Earth Day celebration starts Friday and runs till Sunday, 04-19-15, at Midnight. So now is a great time to stock up on your favorite lacrosse brands and help take action.

    Every order you place plants a tree.

    UPDATE(04/22/2015) - With your help LAX World was able to plant over 2,000 trees this year! Great job everyone. Those trees will absorb up to 44 tons of dust, will purify around 200 million square meters of air, and absorb 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year.  We look forward to working with you for more exciting projects like this in the future. Happy Earth Day!


  • What is it Like to be a Professional Lacrosse Player?


    One thing that has helped spur the year-after-year growth in lacrosse participation has unquestionably been the implementation of the nation's premiere professional league, the MLL, or Major League Lacrosse. Founded in 1999, the league consists of 8 teams, and average attendance is about 6,500 spectators per game. Over the years, the MLL games have been increasingly televised on ESPN and CBS Sports Network, helping the league reach new heights. There's also the National Lacrosse League (NLL), which is played indoors. The NLL plays its season in the winter and spring, and the MLL begins in the spring and runs into late summer, enabling players to participate in both leagues.

    However, contrary to what many young lacrosse players might think, playing professional lacrosse in the MLL isn't at all like playing in the NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB - and for a variety of reasons. Here's a look: Continue reading

  • These are the 10 Things that Lacrosse Players are Tired of Hearing


    There’s no denying that the lacrosse community is a tight one. It’s similar to the hockey community, in that, although becoming more popular, the game isn’t as “mainstream” as the likes of baseball, football or basketball. Because of this, players and coaches in the community know each other fairly well and get along pretty well in an effort to grow the sport.

    With that being said though, there are always naysayers spewing misinformation about the game or just “not getting it.” And this drives laxers crazy. Here’s a look at 10 things lacrosse players are tired of hearing: Continue reading

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