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  • Top 10 Things I Learned Playing Girls Lacrosse

    We at Lax World are excited to introduce, Renee, the newest member of our team. With an extensive background in Women's Lacrosse, Renee will be covering many Women's Lax items here on the Lax World blog.

    I am really excited to be taking my love of lacrosse into my work here with Lax World. My first task was to compose a list of the Top 10 Things I Learned Playing Girls Lacrosse, and it was hard for me to even narrow it down to 10 items. Working with a variety of coaches and teammates of all different skill levels helped me learn something new from each experience. I currently play Division II lacrosse at Millersville University and all of my experiences, current and past, have shaped how I view the game and life in general. The items below are what I believe are the biggest keys to success in girls lacrosse. Continue reading

  • Lax World Plants Trees for Earth Day 2016

    Earth Day is a day that’s overlooked. That’s pretty unfortunate considering we only have one planet. After all, you can’t play lacrosse without it!

    We’ve made a lot of progress over the years economically, socially, and politically, but our environmental progress has a long way to go to catch up. We’ve experienced a huge population boom in the past decades and it’s been taking a toll on the planet.

    shutterstock_141809926We at Lax World realize the importance of having a planet that’s sustainable for not only us, but for future generations. That’s why we dedicated the entire Earth Day weekend towards donating a portion of sales to the “Plant A Billion” project by the Nature Conservancy. This project is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and planting forests worldwide in locations as diverse as the United States, China, and South America.

    Any purchase you made during that time helped to plant a tree in a different region of the world. Not only were you stocking up on great lacrosse gear, you were helping a great cause as well!

    We know that we’re up against a huge task here. We’ve got a ton of different issues we’re facing – from climate change, to deforestation, to fossil fuel depletion. It took a lot of years to do damage to our planet and it will take a lot of years to repair it as well. It can be daunting – but you can do your part.

    Here’s some ways a lacrosse player can help the planet out in his or her own way.

    1. Give away old lacrosse equipment – A good way to get rid of old lax sticks, shafts, and heads is to just give it away. These sticks can be great for a rising player or someone who needs a new piece of gear to add to their arsenal. A used piece of equipment is better in the bag of a player than in a landfill.
    2. Carpool to games and practices – This not only saves on gas but it also cuts down on the amount of emissions in the environment. This has been a common practice for years but it may become an even more common now in the coming years.
    3. Donate to an environmental agency or volunteer – This is more of a personal choice. Another good way to help out the environment is to donate to an environmental agency or to even volunteer for one. There’s tons of volunteer opportunities in your own community. Search the organization you’d like to volunteer for and type in “volunteer” (ex: “Nature Conservancy Volunteer”) in Google.

    Helping the planet doesn’t just start on Earth Day. It starts with all of the small actions we take each and every day. Small efforts add up over time and in the end, we’ll be leaving a more verdant planet for everyone after us.


  • A Closer Look: The STX Hammer 500

    This week we take a closer look at the STX Hammer 500 Head.


    In the game of lacrosse, having a superior defense is essential. A solid defense can win championships or put you in a sharp losing streak. It makes sense because after all, you can’t defend a castle if there’s no wall. Defensemen are that wall. Defensemen with great lacrosse equipment make a better wall. Defensemen with the new STX Hammer 500 are the best wall.

    The STX Hammer 500 lacrosse head gives you the strength and power you need to absolutely decimate the opposing team and disintegrate any chances of the offense scoring a goal. Continue reading

  • A Closer Look: STX Duel Head

    In this weeks product review, we take a look at the STX Duel Head.


    Two competitors enter a small circle in the middle of the field. They lock eyes, staring each other down with a steely gaze. They get into position. At the mark, they charge towards a small ball in the center. The competitors are locked in a battle for the ball. Their allies stand around them. After a few seconds of might and fight, one emerges with the ball. This possession has changed the tide of the game completely.

    STX Duel Lacrosse Head

    What was just described is none other than a lacrosse face-off. The lacrosse face-off is one of the most important parts of the game. Possession of the ball can lead to a quick goal, shifting the momentum of the game and stealing the fervor of leading team. Continue reading

  • Lax World and STX Host Event to Benefit Charm City Youth Lacrosse


    We warmly invite you to an event benefiting Charm City Youth Lacrosse. Join us at the Lax World in Timonium for fun and a day full of lacrosse to celebrate the season!

    Timonium Charm City Youth Lacrosse Event

    Lax World and STX Host Shopping Day to Benefit Charm City Youth Lacrosse

    Cockeysville, MD - Cockeysville-based Lax World, a local retailer of boys and girls lacrosse equipment, and Baltimore-based STX, a global sporting goods leader, announced they will host a lacrosse shopping day on Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Lax World in Timonium (2060 B York Road, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093) to benefit Charm City Youth Lacrosse, an organization that provides Baltimore City elementary and middle school underserved girls and boys.

    During the event, Charm City Youth Lacrosse will be accepting donations of gently used lacrosse equipment, excluding helmets and footwear. Participants who donate gently used lacrosse equipment will receive 15 percent off their purchase of STX equipment during the event. “We are extremely excited to be partnering with Lax World for this shopping day,” says Artie Spruill, executive director of Charm City Youth Lacrosse. “Donations of gently used gear go a long way to support our Baltimore City youth and offer more opportunities for children to play this great game of lacrosse.”

    Representatives from Lax World and STX will be available throughout the event to help fit youth lacrosse players in the proper equipment sizes, provide information on the newest STX gear and answer questions about the sport. Participants are invited to demo STX lacrosse equipment, including the STX Duel face-off system for boys and the STX Exult 500 complete stick for girls, among other equipment.

    Frank Barbarino, President of Lax World, says “Charm City Youth Lacrosse is an organization that we are proud to partner with.  What they accomplish is important to our community. Lacrosse must thrive at the grass roots level to inspire the growth of Lacrosse.  Lax World is looking forward to long term partnership with Charm City Youth Lacrosse.  Having our friends at STX join us at this event acknowledges how much the benefit of our city.”

    The Lax World lacrosse event is open to the public and free to attend. A drawing to win STX lacrosse gear will be held. For more information, please visit

    About Charm City Youth Lacrosse

    Founded by Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler in 2009, the Charm City Youth Lacrosse League is a 501(c) (3) organization that provides lacrosse skills training, league play, and mentoring to underserved Baltimore City youth at no cost.  The League provides recreational enrichment, builds leadership skills, teaches good sportsmanship, offers valuable positive social interaction, and enables participants to forge relationships with leaders from both the Baltimore area business community and civic community. The League also helps participants pursue scholarship opportunities at area high schools. For more information, visit

  • A Closer Look: New Weather Weave Mesh from STX

    Mesh is arguably one of the most important part of your entire lacrosse stick. It helps you shoot faster and catch passes easier. It can win games and secure championships.


    If you don’t have good lacrosse mesh, you’re simply wasting your time.

    STX Dry Mesh

    When you get the new Dry Mesh, Dry Mesh Lite, and Knot Mesh by STX, you won’t have to worry about wasting any more time.
    STX has once again changed the game in the mesh arena with these newest offerings. They’re creating a “mesh revolution” if you will. A lot of players are and sick and tired of using inferior pieces of lacrosse mesh.

    STX has listened…and they’re ready to redeem lacrosse players everywhere from the hordes of underwhelming options on the market. The STX® Dry Mesh, Dry Mesh Lite, and Knot Mesh are the response.

    In three new exclusive pieces of lacrosse mesh, STX offers durability, performance, and incredible feel in three affordable pieces.

    The STX Dry Mesh and Dry Mesh Lite are great pieces of lacrosse mesh that will greatly increase the feel and responsiveness of your lacrosse head and your lacrosse stick. Continue reading

  • A Closer Look: Surgeon 500 & Surgeon 10 500

    An in-depth look at the Surgeon 500 and Surgeon 10 500

    The new surgeon heads create the ultimate precision pocket with their uniquely pointed face shape and shallow scoop smile. Pair it with knot mesh for the ultimate tactile tool.


    When you think of a skilled surgeon, what comes to mind? Precision? Accuracy? Mastery?

    All of these words describe STX's new offering in the Surgeon 500 and Surgeon 10 500 lacrosse heads. These heads are designed to slice right through the center of the opposing defense and make precise shots into the net.

    The Surgeon 500 and Surgeon 10 500 gives you the ultimate precision head in the palm of your hand. This head is 10% lighter than the original Surgeon model along with having the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the STX line. The bottom rail is designed for a low pocket placement for a quick release. You won't have to worry about the head snapping to pieces in the brutal weather either - these have STX's All Climate Performance technology (ACP). Continue reading

  • Benefits on The Draw: The STX Exult 500 Head

    Today we are happy to have Christine, one of our product specialist with Women's Lacrosse gear and Team Sales Representatives here to take a look at the STX Exult 500 Head. The new Exult 500 for the 2016 season is completely redesigned since the launch of the previous Exult 500 in 2015, and better than ever.


    STX Exult 500 (2016) Head in Depth Review



    While a successful draw depends on many factors, the performance of your head is a major component due to the direct contact with the ball. Any elite midfielder knows that equipment plays a major role in winning the draw. When looking for a head matching the talents of an elite player, nothing can compare to the performance of the new Exult 500. Created by STX, the Exult 500 provides three major strengths, stiffness of the sidewalls, C-channel technology, and a pinched design. Continue reading

  • Never Duplicated - A Closer Look at the Stallion U 550

    Stallion U 550 Product Review: Unique face shape and STX's iconic dual sidewal strut structure is often imitated but never duplicated.


    Midfielders are super-critical to the life of any team. A good midfield can mean the difference between crushing the other team and losing the game completely. Continue reading

  • Guest Post: 2015 East Coast Dyes Carbon

    We are happy to have East Coast Dyes join us for a guest post; today they are giving us some in-depth information on their 2015 Carbon Shafts. Carbon Shafts, along with many of the East Coast Dyes products, remain some of our top products at



    2015 East Coast Dyes Carbon


    In 2014, East Coast Dyes exploded into the lacrosse handle market with a composite handle called the ECD Carbon and in 2015 the latest line of Carbons have taken the lacrosse world by storm. The 2015 Carbon included the features players know and love, such as a unique and comfortable shape, a textured grip, and Flex5 Technology, along with an improved strength to weight ratio.

    The key to the Carbon’s success is the advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes, which allow the Carbon to flex in a controlled manner when shooting. This controlled flex provides an unmatched snap and feel to every shot and leads to increased shot velocity. On the East Coast Dyes 10 point flex scale; the Carbon is a comfortable Flex5, making the Carbon a great option for those who are used to the feel of traditional alloy handles.

    As an added bonus to the performance attributes, the Carbon is also one of the strongest composite handles in lacrosse. When testing the Carbon and benchmarking it against other handles in the industry, it was quickly noticed that forces, which would typically dent or break some alloy handles, simply bounced off of the Carbon leaving no traceable damage. This type of testing was directly relatable to a handle receiving a check during game play.

    Even with all of these characteristics, the most important aspect of the Carbon is the value. The 30” Carbon is available for $99.99, which is a steal for a handle that performs as good, if not better than many of the higher priced competitors.


    East Coast Dyes Carbon Shafts



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