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  • Review of Cascade's R Series Lacrosse Helmet

    The highly anticipated release of the new Cascade R Helmet certainly caused a flurry of shopping activity both online and in lacrosse retailers on July 1st. Professional and amateur lacrosse players across the nation who witnessed the helmet’s debut performance at the opening games at the Konica Minolta Big City Classic were heading up the rush of orders. Continue reading

  • Lacrosse Helmet Buying Guide

    Lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet – and as lax players get bigger, stronger and faster, so do the checks. Protecting your head is as important as ever, especially with young players. With so much research emerging on concussions and head injuries – parents, coaches and you favorite lacrosse gear manufacturers are making an effort to protect player noggins.

    So the solution is simple – just wear a lacrosse helmet, right? We could only hope-so.

    How do you find a helmet that isn’t just safe, but comfortable, durable and breathable?

    Long-trusted manufacturers Cascade Lacrosse and Warrior Lacrosse have a wide range of time-tested customizable lacrosse helmets, as well as emerging advancements in Carbon Fiber helmets.

    Cascade has been in the lacrosse helmet racket for some time now – the fully customizable CPX-R has been able to offer superior protection without sacrificing comfort or convenience. The “One-Size-Fits-Most” customizable helmet uses “Seven Technology liner cushioning to compress and displace energy from a direct impact.” In English, it means check or pokes to the helmet won’t directly impact your head – meaning you can recover quickly and score on the guy who cheap-shot you.

    But if you’re looking for the latest in Carbon Fiber technology with one of the illest looks in lacrosse gear – Warrior Lacrosse is flipping the script on lax gear with the Warrior TII Helmet. The new helmet from the long-trusted lacrosse equipment brand comes equipped with large air vents for superior air-flow and it weighs under 2 lbs - meaning you’ll go flying.

    No matter your personal preference – you should be able to find the right helmet for your game shopping online or in-store with Lax World.

    5 Lacrosse Helmet Safety/Fitting Tips:

    Lacrosse Helmets Should… come marked NOCSAE approved. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment tests and sets the standards for safe athletic equipment.

    Lacrosse Helmets Should… should sit squarely on your head. Padding of the helmet should give firm/uniform pressure around the player’s head. Test this by moving the helmet back and forth – the skin of the player’s forehead should move snug with it.

    Lacrosse Helmets Should…  have a four-point chin-strap attached – chin-straps should be tightened so that there is no slack.

    Lacrosse Helmets Should…  comfortably fit the size of a child’s head, taking their hairstyle into account. If your child has a great deal of thick hair and then receives a summer haircut, the helmet must then be refitted.

    Lacrosse Helmets Should… be checked before every game for dents, scratches and other external damage. Always remember to replace screws and t-nuts on the helmet at the beginning of each season.

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