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  • A Beginner's Guide to Necessary Lacrosse Equipment

    Have you ever wondered where lacrosse got its origins? Its origins date as far back as a Native American game played by young warriors to prepare them for battle when games could have 100 to 1,000 players. Today's version has 10 players per team and requires specific safety gear. Beginners should consider the following equipment to get started in Lacrosse:

    Gloves: Hits on the hands are common in beginner lacrosse, so well padded lacrosse gloves are a must.

    Arm and Elbow Pads: Protect the arms from opponents' slashing lacrosse sticks. Look for well padded but flexible dense foam arm pads for maximum protection.

    Forearm Pads: These pads fill the gap between the gloves and the arm pads.

    Cleats: High-top lacrosse cleats are designed to stay on during a game (versus cleats from other sports).

    Shoulder Pads: These pads should fully protect the shoulders and also extend hard padding down the chest.

    Rib Pads: Some players wear these to protect their ribs and kidneys from poke checks; however, some players find them to be too bulky.

    Lacrosse Balls: Stock up on the hard rubber balls used in lacrosse for practice sessions.

    Helmet: Protecting your head is crucial in this tough sport with lots of contact.

    Mouth Guard: Protect the teeth from errant elbows and sticks; buy one that can attach to the helmet.

    Groin Protection: Also known as a "cup", is vital for male players.

    Lacrosse Stick: Beginner sticks have large, wide heads with soft mesh for easier catching; however, they offer less control and durability than an aluminum stick with hard mesh. Advanced lacrosse sticks have a titanium shaft, premium head, hard mesh and custom stringing.

    Optional Items

    Lacrosse Goal and Net: It’s always good to have your own lacrosse goal on hand so you can practice during your own free time.

    Lacrosse Shooting Targets: Start learning to aim your shot and hit your corners with a Target to put in front of your goal.

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  • When Should I Buy a Complete Stick vs. Building My Own?

    The decision to buy or build your lacrosse stick may seem not important or simple, but there are many different factors that impact when it is best to purchase the complete stick vs. building one from different pieces.

    Limiting Building at the Beginning

    Building a complete lacrosse stick may not be as time consuming as it was in past generations, but it is still a process that requires knowledge of the game and all of the rules. Beginners should avoid building a lacrosse stick personally and opt for a completed stick. Continue reading

  • The Hottest Nike Lacrosse Merchandise

    Lacrosse is emerging as the go-to sport in many schools. What are these young lacrosse players taking with them on the field these days? Nike entered the world of lacrosse merchandise when they saw the increase in popularity of the sport. Now, Nike is one of the top selling lacrosse gear brands in the country. Nike offers a number of top ranking lacrosse products with a focus on both game play and safety.

    As a lacrosse player, you can be dressed head to toe in Nike gear and apparel. Take a look at some of our top selling Nike items and tell us what you think in the comment section below! Continue reading

  • Introducing The A1 Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse

    Maverik A1 Shaft

    Maverik recently introduced their lightest lacrosse stick to date – the Maverik A1 Shaft. The two characteristics of the best lacrosse sticks for serious lax players are strength and weight. The stronger and lighter the feel of the pole, the more control the player has. The new technology put into this shaft from the experts at Maverik allows the player complete control of a lighter lacrosse stick without worrying about too heavy a grip. The A1Rium material allows this pole to weigh in at only 5.4 ounces, making it one of the lightest and best lacrosse shaft options in the market.

    Strength should never be compromised in a stick, and although light, this stick is strong! Instead of the normal hexagon shape found on most sticks, the Maverik A1 Shaft adds concave grooves to the pole’s two longest sides. This in turn helps with thumb placement and minimalizes the touch points to your hand, which can ultimately improve grip.

    Not only is this stick lighter and stronger, but it is also allows for a better grip. The new Grit Grip is made from bead-blasted technology, allowing for a tape-like feel without the need or use of tape. The pole has a sandpaper feel that can be felt even with gloves on. This feel allows for a natural grip while also permitting your hands to slide naturally.

  • Things to Consider When Buying a Lacrosse Stick

    Although it's one of the least publicized sports, lacrosse games are on the increase across the country. The history of the game and the skill needed to play it are attractive qualities for any would be sportsman and there are now a number of leagues dedicated to playing the sport.

    If you want to take up the sport, you will need some specialized lacrosse gear. There are a few pieces of lax equipment that any budding lacrosse player cannot be without, and perhaps the most important piece of lacrosse equipment is the stick. However, unlike many sports, lacrosse is not simply a 'one size fits all' sport - players looking to buy lacrosse sticks must think about a variety of factors before making a purchase.Lax World Evo 3x Lacrosse Head

    Luckily, there are a wide range of lacrosse sticks available at LaxWorld. When looking to buy your own lacrosse equipment, you should bear the following factors in mind:

    How Experienced Are You?

    If you are just starting out with lacrosse, you will need to buy a stick that is suited to your needs. Beginners ideally need a stick with a larger throat than those who are more experienced, as this will make catching the ball a much easier task. LaxWorld is a lacrosse shop with a wide range of products and expert advice to hand, so the employees and customer service representatives should be able to guide you in the right direction.

    If you're looking for a starter pack, try the STX Starter Pack for girls.

    How Long Should Your Stick Be?

    Depending on what position you play, you may find that you need to adapt your lacrosse equipment in order to get the best out of your game. For example, if you need an attack lacrosse stick then ideally your shaft should be between 40 and 42 inches long. However, your pole should be around 52 to 72 inches long if you're looking for a defense lacrosse stick, so think about where you play before buying a stick. The Nike Vandal Shaft is one of our top selling products for both attack and defense.

    Heavy or Light?

    Similarly, if you play in an attacking position you will need a lighter pole, like the STX Stallion SC-TI Pro Shaft, as this will help you maneuver up field where you may be able to score. As a defensive player, you will probably need strength in your stick in order to make rocking checks, so your stick should be heavier like the Maverik Wonderboy Shaft, made of aerospace engineered aluminum/ titanium alloy.

    Do You Need Special Technology In Your Stick?

    There are frequent technological updates in the world of lacrosse that can improve the quality and potency of your lacrosse equipment. For example, you may want to buy a lacrosse head with Reflex Technology, patented in the Easton Launch Head. This is dedicated technology that reacts when you catch or shoot with the ball. These developments can really enhance your game, so if you need a lacrosse shop with the latest advanced lacrosse equipment, you should take a look at LaxWorld.

    LaxWorld is an online retailer specializing in all aspects of the lacrosse sport. Whatever lacrosse equipment you need, head over to LaxWorld and improve your game now! Take a look at our best selling lacrosse sticks now!

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