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  • Custom Stringing Now Available at Lax World

    Brine Clutch 3 Custom String

    You know that feeling of buying a new lacrosse head?

    It's an awesome feeling for sure. The best feeling is when you get the head and you open it. You look at the sidewall holes. You inspect the throat. You give it a nice squeeze and bend... but something's just... missing.

    The something that's missing? An expertly crafted string job. Starting today, you no longer have to feel that gaping void. You can now get custom stringing at Lax World and save yourself the trouble of taking it to a person who strings or even more tediously...stringing it yourself (cue horror music).

    You can choose from our amazing selection of lacrosse heads and get a great string job for a little extra.

    Just imagine it: Red East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh in a Nike CEO head with Red East Coast Dyes Hero String Sidewalls. Add in a nice mid pocket and you've got an awesome head perfect for tearing through defenses.

    It doesn't just have to be limited to East Coast Dyes or even the color red. If you can dream it, you can build it.

    Why don't you try it out today? Go on over to our heads section and get your custom head just in time for the lacrosse season.

    Stay tuned, we're going to be having goalie and women's heads with the ability for custom stringing real soon.

  • Lax World and STX Host Event to Benefit Charm City Youth Lacrosse


    We warmly invite you to an event benefiting Charm City Youth Lacrosse. Join us at the Lax World in Timonium for fun and a day full of lacrosse to celebrate the season!

    Timonium Charm City Youth Lacrosse Event

    Lax World and STX Host Shopping Day to Benefit Charm City Youth Lacrosse

    Cockeysville, MD - Cockeysville-based Lax World, a local retailer of boys and girls lacrosse equipment, and Baltimore-based STX, a global sporting goods leader, announced they will host a lacrosse shopping day on Saturday, April 2, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Lax World in Timonium (2060 B York Road, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093) to benefit Charm City Youth Lacrosse, an organization that provides Baltimore City elementary and middle school underserved girls and boys.

    During the event, Charm City Youth Lacrosse will be accepting donations of gently used lacrosse equipment, excluding helmets and footwear. Participants who donate gently used lacrosse equipment will receive 15 percent off their purchase of STX equipment during the event. “We are extremely excited to be partnering with Lax World for this shopping day,” says Artie Spruill, executive director of Charm City Youth Lacrosse. “Donations of gently used gear go a long way to support our Baltimore City youth and offer more opportunities for children to play this great game of lacrosse.”

    Representatives from Lax World and STX will be available throughout the event to help fit youth lacrosse players in the proper equipment sizes, provide information on the newest STX gear and answer questions about the sport. Participants are invited to demo STX lacrosse equipment, including the STX Duel face-off system for boys and the STX Exult 500 complete stick for girls, among other equipment.

    Frank Barbarino, President of Lax World, says “Charm City Youth Lacrosse is an organization that we are proud to partner with.  What they accomplish is important to our community. Lacrosse must thrive at the grass roots level to inspire the growth of Lacrosse.  Lax World is looking forward to long term partnership with Charm City Youth Lacrosse.  Having our friends at STX join us at this event acknowledges how much the benefit of our city.”

    The Lax World lacrosse event is open to the public and free to attend. A drawing to win STX lacrosse gear will be held. For more information, please visit

    About Charm City Youth Lacrosse

    Founded by Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler in 2009, the Charm City Youth Lacrosse League is a 501(c) (3) organization that provides lacrosse skills training, league play, and mentoring to underserved Baltimore City youth at no cost.  The League provides recreational enrichment, builds leadership skills, teaches good sportsmanship, offers valuable positive social interaction, and enables participants to forge relationships with leaders from both the Baltimore area business community and civic community. The League also helps participants pursue scholarship opportunities at area high schools. For more information, visit

  • Lax World Announces acquisition of Breakaway Sports

    Lax World

    Lax World Announces acquisition of Breakaway Sports

    Deal will create one of the country’s largest lacrosse retailers

    Baltimore, MD and Denver, CO (January 26, 2016) -- Lax World, a specialty lacrosse retailer based in Baltimore, has acquired Denver-based lacrosse specialist, Breakaway Sports.  The deal will grow the combined company to 14 locations nationwide, expand its online presence and warehousing, and broaden the reach of its Team Sales division from coast to coast.

    Both companies have been servicing customers and helping to grow the game of lacrosse for a combined 48 years.  The deal will enable the combined company to provide more value to its customers and business partners, while extending its market reach to five key markets with plans to expand into several others.

    Frank Barbarino of Lax World said, “We are thrilled to be combining forces with Breakaway Sports. In addition to expanding our store base and team sales capabilities, we our adding a deep and talented group of professionals who are industry leaders in the lacrosse community.” I’m extremely thrilled that Phil McCarthy will be part of the management team as we continue our growth through more acquisitions and organically. Management members from both companies will work collaboratively to create a phased integration plan to join both entities onto one platform.

    Phil McCarthy, Founder and Owner of Breakaway Sports said, “This decision will transform the way we come to market for our customers and employees. This will maximize our potential and allow us to better compete in all sales channels in this evolving competitive environment. Mergers are mostly about the people, and we feel that we are coming together with a great group that will allow us to fully reach our potential to become the largest lacrosse specialty store in the country.”

    The combined company will have stores in Washington, Colorado, New York, Maryland, Virginia and Georgia.

    About Lax World

    Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Cockeysville, MD, Lax World has three decades of expert leadership. Lax World proudly serves its customers through retail stores, e-commerce, and a team sales division. The company transformed hands in 2013 from lacrosse icon and visionary Jim “Darky” Darcangelo by a new management team to take Lax World to the next level in the sport of Lacrosse.

    About Breakaway Sports

    Founded in 1996, and has stores in Washington, Colorado, New York, and Georgia. They have a strong focus on retail and a national presence in team sales. It has prided itself on supporting the growth of the game in many non-traditional markets.

  • Nike/Lacrosse Magazine Women's Div. 1 Preseason Top 20

    Maryland, led by senior midfielder Taylor Cummings, is looking to win its third Women's Div. 1 Lacrosse championship in a row. Rounding out the Top 5 are North Carolina, Syracuse, Stony Brook, and Northwestern.

    women 2016


    Cummings, the first collegiate Lacrosse player to win the Tewaaraton three times, led Maryland in points (100), assists (37), draw controls (143), ground balls (41) and caused turnovers (36).


  • Equipment Fitting Guide (to help both the boys’ and girls’ youth player)



    US Lacrosse recently published an Equipment Fitting Guide to help provide first-time buyers, parents and players with suggested guidelines in purchasing equipment. Designed to help both the boys’ and girls’ youth player, the guide explains how lacrosse equipment should feel when properly worn.

    Continue reading

  • Paul Rabil's Keys to Success

    Unless you've been locked up in Alcatraz, there's a very high chance that you know who Paul Rabil is.

    If you somehow don't, here's a quick primer:

    • Played lacrosse at the esteemed Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
    • Starter on Team USA, various MLL teams, and JHU
    • Is known as being one of (if not) the best offensive player(s) in the history of lacrosse

    Of course, there's a variety of other things that you can say about Rabil such as his ability to absolutely devastate defenses or his affinity for seemingly impossible trick shots. But these are only a small part of the larger picture that has gained Paul Rabil such massive acclaim.

    Lax World has managed to break down several pieces of Paul Rabil's success so you can emulate and adopt parts of his story into your own.

    Whether you're a younger lacrosse player, an adult one, or simply just a fan, we can guarantee that you'll find tremendous insight in this article.

    Continue reading

  • The 10 Most Epic Lacrosse Plays of All Time!

    Lacrosse fans love the thrill of the save – particularly when it includes elements not seen in everyday lacrosse games. From extreme fake-outs to silly team celebrations, the best lacrosse plays provide plenty of entertainment for players and crowd members alike. Over the years, talented athletes have impressed with thousands of truly amazing lacrosse plays and saves, but the following are easily ten of the best ever! Continue reading

  • Proper etiquette for cheering on your child

    For many parents, Lacrosse isn't easy to understand. For boys especially, the sport can be physical, resulting in bumps and bruises during the course of a match. In the girl's version, injury is less of a concern, but as with any sport, the possibility is always there.

    Because of the various levels of understanding, and the highly competitive nature of the sport, U.S. Lacrosse has indicated some guidelines that parents should follow as they support their child's participation.

    Learn the Rules

    One of the most important things that parents of lacrosse players need to understand is study the rules of the game. Without this knowledge, it is difficult to discern between a legal hit and a non-legal hit. Parents who don't have this knowledge of the rules often attend lacrosse matches where they believe a foul is being committed against their child. Other times, a parent might yell out and suggest that their child hit another player illegally. Parents don't necessarily want anyone to get hurt, they just don't understand the parameters of the game.

    Don't Obsess About Competition

    While lacrosse can be very competitive, the most important element is the child having fun. There are children who naturally possess talent for the sport, and those who are destined to be a mediocre player regardless of how much they practice. Either scenario is just fine. Whether your child has special talent or not, it's important not to put all your eggs in the lacrosse players head, and let your child find his/her own goals and dreams where the sport is concerned. Athletic scholarships are increasingly becoming more rare, and pressuring a child to be good enough to achieve one just brings unnecessary stress.

    Be There and Ask Questions

    Part of being a lacrosse parent includes taking an active interest in the game. This means attending matches whenever possible, and asking your child questions about their experience. Avoid emphasizing on winning, and focus more on what your child is learning from and enjoying during practices and games.

    Also, take time to ask the coaches and officials questions, preferably not during an actual match. These questions should be presented in a respectful manner, for example, if you are confused about a hit you believed to be foul, it's a good idea to get an explanation. Maintaining communication with everyone involved creates a social experience for everyone.

    Respect Coaches, Officials, Other Parents, and Players

    One of the cornerstones of lacrosse values is to respect the game. This means controlling impulses, especially aggressive ones, when attending matches. Yelling things like, "Nice job," or, "Great Block!" are appropriate and encouraged. Making specific suggestions on how your child should play is not. Coaches need to be able to coach without contradicting information from parents. The same goes for officials and the other players on the field.

  • What to Look Forward to in 2014 in the Lacrosse World

    2014 FIL Denver Logo

    2014 is an exciting year for the lacrosse world. The Federation of International World Championship (FIL World Championship) is the largest international event in the lacrosse world. For the first time in history, this event is coming to the US and is taking place in Denver, Colorado. As an international event, more than 40 nations are expected to participate in this year’s championship game. Continue reading

  • Review of Cascade's R Series Lacrosse Helmet

    The highly anticipated release of the new Cascade R Helmet certainly caused a flurry of shopping activity both online and in lacrosse retailers on July 1st. Professional and amateur lacrosse players across the nation who witnessed the helmet’s debut performance at the opening games at the Konica Minolta Big City Classic were heading up the rush of orders. Continue reading

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