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  • STX Mesh Revolution is Here

    STX is known for creating an elite line of heads, handles, and complete sticks across men’s and women’s lacrosse for players of all skill levels. Now, they’re doing the same in a very highly contested area: lacrosse mesh. But they’re not just releasing any old mesh… they’re starting a STX Mesh Revolution.

    STX Memory Mesh

    As you know, a good piece of lacrosse mesh can mean all the difference between winning and losing. You want a piece of mesh that’s able to be easily strung, lasts extremely long, breaks in easily, and helps you shoot and pass your best. STX definitely understands this, so that’s why they’ve decided to come out with the Dry Mesh, Dry Mesh Lite, Knot Mesh, and Memory Mesh. Let’s take a quick look at what makes these pieces of stx mesh so special and why you should get your hands on them ASAP.

    The STX Dry Mesh is made for superior durability. It’s weatherproof due to the Weather Weave construction that has independent strands of nylon with a super-tough coating, keeping the fibers dry and making the life of your pocket last longer. You can also get its little brother, the Dry Mesh Lite.

    The Dry Mesh Lite is…you guessed it – lightweight. It features all of the benefits of the Dry Mesh but with an added bonus: extra ball feel. This makes it seem like it’s an extension of your own body.

    Mesh Revolution - Drymesh, Knot Mesh, and Mesh LiteGet the Dry Mesh strung onto a Stallion U 550 Head and this will make it the ultimate weapon of choice for the workhorse midfielder who needs extreme versatility. Get the Dry Mesh Lite strung onto a Super Power Plus Head for the ultimate in lightweight performance, perfect for the attackman who just wants to absolutely rip shot after relentless shot.

    The STX Knot Mesh is one of the most exciting meshes to have been released. The exclusive knotted construction delivers superior control and excellent ball feel in addition to reducing the stretch of the pocket and maintaining the consistency and reliability. Get the Knot Mesh strung onto a Surgeon 10 500 for the ultimate operating tool on the field. Precision accuracy and control are yours with this combo. Perfect for the tactical midfielder or attackman.

    The STX Memory Mesh never forgets… It’s the type of mesh that will keep your pocket better and longer. That’s not all though – the Memory Mesh is super-strong. It’s so strong it has up to 15x the tensile strength of steel! This means that you know without a shadow of a doubt that the Memory Mesh will hold its shape better and longer than any other mesh on the market. Goalies…STX didn’t forget you either. The Memory Mesh is also available for goalies.

    STX is definitely changing the mesh market with its mix between technologically superior mesh and features that will resonate with players who want that extra oomph from their equipment. Stay on the lookout for more from them. But in the meantime, head over to Lax World and pick up some of the mesh and other STX gear.

  • A Closer Look: STX Duel Head

    In this weeks product review, we take a look at the STX Duel Head.


    Two competitors enter a small circle in the middle of the field. They lock eyes, staring each other down with a steely gaze. They get into position. At the mark, they charge towards a small ball in the center. The competitors are locked in a battle for the ball. Their allies stand around them. After a few seconds of might and fight, one emerges with the ball. This possession has changed the tide of the game completely.

    STX Duel Lacrosse Head

    What was just described is none other than a lacrosse face-off. The lacrosse face-off is one of the most important parts of the game. Possession of the ball can lead to a quick goal, shifting the momentum of the game and stealing the fervor of leading team. Continue reading

  • A Closer Look: Surgeon 500 & Surgeon 10 500

    An in-depth look at the Surgeon 500 and Surgeon 10 500

    The new surgeon heads create the ultimate precision pocket with their uniquely pointed face shape and shallow scoop smile. Pair it with knot mesh for the ultimate tactile tool.


    When you think of a skilled surgeon, what comes to mind? Precision? Accuracy? Mastery?

    All of these words describe STX's new offering in the Surgeon 500 and Surgeon 10 500 lacrosse heads. These heads are designed to slice right through the center of the opposing defense and make precise shots into the net.

    The Surgeon 500 and Surgeon 10 500 gives you the ultimate precision head in the palm of your hand. This head is 10% lighter than the original Surgeon model along with having the highest strength-to-weight ratio in the STX line. The bottom rail is designed for a low pocket placement for a quick release. You won't have to worry about the head snapping to pieces in the brutal weather either - these have STX's All Climate Performance technology (ACP). Continue reading

  • Battle of Baltimore’s Lax Brands: STX vs. Under Armour


    Earlier this month, we began a look into a couple of Baltimore’s best Lax brands. STX – the long reigning lacrosse giant which helped revolutionize the way lacrosse gear was manufactured – and Under Armour, one of Baltimore’s biggest and still growing sports apparel/equipment manufacturers. Continue reading

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