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ECD Hero Striker JW1 Limited Edition Mesh

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East Coast Dyes

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It's time for you to step up to the plate and become elite. The East Coast Dyes Hero Mesh in this limited edition version is manufactured for top players. This edition is inspired by 4-time NCAA All American player Joe Walters. As a pro, he won two MLL Championships and three consecutive NLL Championships. The Hero Mesh is manufactured with East Coast Dyes's LTH fibers that are fully weatherproof. They won't expand or contract in any weather condition nature throws at you. The Hero Mesh's Hyperweave pattern is a super tight knit that creates perfectly shaped diamonds for incredible feel and control. The Hero Mesh is created to be lightweight and responsive, perfect for the elite laxer's needs.



  • Weatherproof - LTH Fibers are fully weatherproof, won't contract or expand in heat, rain, or cold
  • HyperWeave - super tight knit pattern to create perfectly shaped diamonds and added texture for better feel and control
  • Lightweight - LTH fibers are extremely lightweight and durable
  • Responsive - Hero Mesh is engineered with a semi-soft feel that allows your pocket to move with the ball during passing, cradling, and shooting

Special Price No
Level of Play All Levels
Manufacturer's Warranty N/A