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ECD Goalie Hero Strings

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East Coast Dyes

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The ECD Goalie Hero Strings are tip tier strings that are made for elite performance. The sidewall strings are super-tightly woven and incredibly durable, allowing them to stand the force of the hardest shots. The shooters are super-soft for smooth and accurate outlets. The Hero Strings are woven with hydrophobic fiber, making them stand up to extreme weather conditions and also have LockTec, which keeps knots tight and keeps sidewall tension.



  • Weatherproof: Hero Strings are woven with hydrophobic fiber, allowing them to stand up to all weather conditions
  • LockTec: Textured strings have LockTec which helps keep the knots tight and gives incredible sidewall tension
  • Durable: All Hero Strings are constructed with abrasion resistant fibers for maximum durability and increased longevity
  • Comes with 4 sidewall strings, 3 shooting strings, 1 bottom string, 1 shooting nylon, and 1 self-taping screw

Special Price No
Level of Play All Levels
Manufacturer's Warranty 30 Days From Point of Sale